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  1. Funny that they pulled up and called former owner to get me out... they wouldn't come near the house because of the dogs lol. what make me laugh with me being calm they will lick you and roll over. they were in more danger of the cranky bugger at number 1 moaning about the noise
  2. Hi Guys, car was picked up last night at cost of the old owner. i tried shipley and the best quote was £107 for the 26mile journey...(£4+ per mile I am changing profession) i didn't see why I should pay that so got a bit a bit aggro with the trader. he tried to get me to pay £60 for his guys to pick the car up which i didn't think was fair. It was all going downhill until I mentioned I own two security dogs that are worked each weekend on industrial estates. Suddenly things changed.. My van is out of action as I have a bit of welding to do and they have an a4 with lots of chew marks and hair which probably helped. outcome, they picked the car up FOC and fixing it FOC. I still dont trust them though so probably going to get a compression test done and if needs be do a bit of head work just to be safe. Am documenting everything just in case https://studio.youtube.com/video/Bp9xleFOUNU/edit
  3. Octane rating has nothing to do with the E10 debate mate. Octane rating denotes an ability to resist Knock (detonation) Hi Power cars usually run a high octane rating to prevent detonation and its usually the last transition from road to race fuel. The big Issue with E10 is its corrosive properties. 95 RON E10 and non E10 95 RON have the same Octane rating. Octane rating isn't the issue, from what I can see it will effect classic cars that sit for months on end rather than daily drivers.
  4. Outside of the mainstream media I have found it is a particular problem to classics that are stored for months being that it is hydroponic, it may also be corrosive to old fuel lines and gaskets. I think the AA quoted it as being around 1% less economical than "regular" fuel. I guess time will tell. Many countries have adopted E10 years ago and with that I fail to believe Audi didn't see it coming and adapt to it prior to inception prior to many warranty claims had they ignored it.
  5. Also I love the car, I so want to keep her... when running right she is a dream to drive. Its like driving an armchair that instantly turns into a monster that handles Impeccably. I can drive it as a steady economic comfortable daily drive but also have an exhilarating fire breathing weakened warrior. Despite being a pain in the bottom to work on I have loved every minute of it lol. Determined to keep her running.
  6. Hi Steve, Thanks for the reply but unfortunately it was a private sale so little or no recourse. However things have moved on today.... for the worst I may add. i took the car out for a ride today with the aim of initiating a DPF cycle but half way around I noticed a weird noise and bizarrely the car was taking off like a rocket... to the point I was thinking that it would be a pain in the a** driving in town. 20 mins later I stopped at the shops and when I came out it wouldn't start! I sat for ten mins then turned it over pumping the accelerator and after about 5 seconds she fired up, Idled perfect and drove like a daemon but with this hideous scraping noise. I got home and lifted the bonnet and found the noise was coming from the cam belt inspection cover. Took it off and found the belt so loose it was scraping against the cover and skipping teeth on the exhaust side. The cam belt and water pump was changed in august and I suspect it was cowboy job, they have been contacted and agreed to change everything due to my evidence but we are now haggling transport costs being some 26 miles away... Have a look at the video... I consider myself very lucky... https://youtu.be/ij20sTbxd8g
  7. Late to the party but wd40 is water displacement 40th edition and not the pen oil many think it is. A liberal spray will get electronics out of many damp/wet issues
  8. Hi All! New Audi owner here and so far loving the car. The quality feels amazing and just love the car... but have one issue that is puzzling me and would like to ask a bit of help with. when I brought the car 2 weeks ago it had a multitude of problems I have worked through with OBDeleven and sorted out reasonably easy but I have one which is eluding me. Normal driving is fine but if you floor it hard and the turbo boosts the car stumbles (Mainly in second but does happen in third gear)if you feed the power in all is okay and I have replicated this many times. I get the following codes in OBDeleven OBDeleven data log Date: 2021-09-11 15:26 VIN: WAUZZZ8EX8A006246 Car: Audi A4 Year: 2008 Body type: Saloon Mileage: 206460 KM --------------------------------------------------------------- 01 Engine System description: R4 2.0l PPD1.3 G Software number: 03G906018AQ Software version: 9973 Hardware number: 03G906018AQ Serial number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Coding: 0000172 Trouble codes: P3007 - Camshaft Position Sensor No signal Short circuit to B+ static OBDeleven data log Date: 2021-09-10 15:49 VIN: WAUZZZ8EX8A006246 Car: Audi A4 Year: 2008 Body type: Saloon Mileage: 206390 KM --------------------------------------------------------------- 01 Engine System description: R4 2.0l PPD1.3 G Software number: 03G906018AQ Software version: 9973 Hardware number: 03G906018AQ Serial number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Coding: 0000172 Trouble codes: P3008 - Camshaft Position Sensor Signal outside tolerance Short circuit to ground Intermittent To be clear each code was generated and then cleared so it was a new iteration after each time the car was floored. I have this theory, It may be flawed but I suspect flooring it is enough for the engine to flex the mounts and travel enough break the loom temporarily and cut power. I have had a good as possible look at the loom from the camshaft sensor to the socket near the oil filter and then it disappears into god knows where... I suspect a point in the loom is either shorting or going open circuit with a sudden engine movement. however I cant find anything anywhere that leads to a weak point in the a4.... hence the "theory" It really is a lovely car to drive overall, I would just love to fix this last issue. any help gratefully appreciated. Best Regards Nathan
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