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  1. I have a brand new genuine set of 16" alloys with Dunlop 195/50/16 tyres for sale. This was bought as a complete package (tyres fitted/ balanced at Audi), all are still as new as they have never been fitted to a car. This is the recommended size for the A1 models (and other VAG models with 5x100 fitment) Reason for sale is i've just placed an order on a new car and these wont fit 🙄 Collection preferred from Huddersfield but could send via courier for an extra £40 (Mainland UK only) robby@ntlworld.com £350ono
  2. Hi Does anyone have or know where i can buy a pair of gloss black mirror covers (replacement backs not stick on)? All i can find are ones from other models - not much around for the A1 for some reason? The A3 ones look similar - anyone tried to fit these to a A1?
  3. Ah mine (2017my) doesn't have that part on the dipstick it's just the metal part right up to the handle - that's what i was thinking your was (hence my concern). I picked up my car 2 weeks ago, drove it 60 miles home and it's been sat in my garage since - spent a few days giving it a full detail and paint protection ready for winter (just bought a set of new alloys with winter tyres ready), did all my checks and found my car has just had new discs + pads F+R, 4 new tyres (budgets 😒 ) and a full service (new filters fitted) so hope it'll be ok for another year.
  4. So the level when the engine is cold is all the way up the metal part of the dipstick to the bottom of the plastic handle? - if so get some drained out as it's wayyy over the max mark
  5. Did they/ you drain the excess oil out as if it's way over it could cause an issue (blow seals out, etc)? if it's just over it shouldn't be a problem Check the oil filter to see if it's a genuine one as it has full Audi service history, if it's an aftermarket one then it would have been replace by the carshop but if it's genuine and doesn't look new then they probably didn't change it - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203549295447?fits=Car+Make%3AAudi|Cars+Year%3A2013|Model%3AA1&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2f647bc357:g:SlMAAOSwIUVhC5Yy&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSjVt3vLKCbov98Z19qhuwY1RXO2eBYFVCZPDCSVZ1f9mgjnOQnye0ESvEVa3hd6KRtbzmiRBYjhhPB4yH7FhA52l4BUGbcMxlGrbuE5FRStKipc46kjC5k5C91vRTdxTuOkfvzzyF5iUiozYNn3scuB5pPF1sjuhCWmTmfYbSekBhT5msP%2FYeNjvJFgy3oK7xkSG2edMKZ757DcgxVG2vUtikYs39APrIsgskCKZiX9Hx67KgPCFIwewgDvv7sVCSLIWZDi99k6nm7bacwBu4Irs1MEdQsrpv5oywdzGFwMXmxGQqBEEcpLqUA4SCrXN51HUE0fwge%2Bgrn4CBVCGOCapyXwfV%2F1nSxomjvOEPLTDOLt%2Fbk%2FGiG%2BuEkYhcvEPMLPAfYrXUMDJQHtlBjrLFqiqMRlIZ5uRIYu%2BFbqJwOiLS8pXKgdDuJkNMaSHN%2FtgoV9CsgOf4IYl489E9lN%2BAT2xMJ4u0ru12RbUsq1SGFaFBkp%2FQMkZX7z%2FGLI9MyLo9Ewqjpfzbj8THygJ407QAUC%2F79b4ODn%2FfxmwHEACeMSNJXA6sikyEns2F1StiH3%2Fy9v6I0L4zlcMAZZZ3hJO6jTrEqSGX8MC%2Fxm4azwoQKLC3qcuSUNCSOW%2FaaDVEsz%2FnecspzGFX%2FfETC5eC3uKsl0ZCbueDFd1ETl0Luy4fNB5qt%2F8AyTyp%2BQG%2FBIjGTqyh9DVLYDmVYi%2FORb0NKYulOVcNuekBWBqTq%2FvrLxFSTmJOX83aGsvbkEy8W6ud4KW6sffs3BLeMZLvH%2FzregCN3G%2F1TEOz62kdYcnO%2BpO9icIDEMKg5Xt87rXq42TdmRBAyeE%2Fl0eM2h7Y6dGAzbCJ2Q%3D%3D|clp%3A2334524|tkp%3ABFBMxMr65Zdf
  6. Glad you got it sorted - probably the spring in the catch that had seized?
  7. No you'll still need to get it activated. Get in touch with the guy in the link i posted or ask on his facebook page as he seems to know what he's doing £200 all in for activation and the latest maps on a SD card is cheap
  8. Could drill a small pilot hole in the remaining thread and use a "screw out" screw extractor to unscrew it out - no need to drill all the way through it
  9. Hi Just joined this forum today so you might have this sorted by now but if you haven't then you'll need the sat-nav activating as well as a SD card. I've found someone in Durham who does this for £200 inc 2021 maps - https://northeastvagadaptions.co.uk/products/audi-a1-q3-navigation-activation-navigation-data-2021?__FB_PRIVATE_TRACKING__={"loggedout_browser_id"%3A"d597b7c2cca4ef1101bcf2fa792551df5f5b8ee0"}&fbclid=IwAR3rIvEblt65pTqp5nRBoDWYzepE1wH4UwSVd3WRn5uvhZTPdRt1lCnvBb8 Way cheapers than the dealers who charge £600 - £800 🙄
  10. Do you have 2 SD card slots on the front of your stereo and the sat-nav option on the display (say sat-nav not enabled)? if you do then there is someone local to you in Durham who charges £200 to activate the sat-nav - https://northeastvagadaptions.co.uk/products/audi-a1-q3-navigation-activation-navigation-data-2021?__FB_PRIVATE_TRACKING__={"loggedout_browser_id"%3A"d597b7c2cca4ef1101bcf2fa792551df5f5b8ee0"}&fbclid=IwAR3rIvEblt65pTqp5nRBoDWYzepE1wH4UwSVd3WRn5uvhZTPdRt1lCnvBb8 Going to get mine activated soon
  11. If it's secure i'd leave it but you could drill the threaded part out and put a bolt in its place. I'd also put a bolt in the empty hole on the left to secure the catch
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