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  1. Cheers Gareth, I have the clamp under door bars at the moment. I’ll see if the dealer will let me take my bars in to check. I still think they won’t fit!
  2. Cheers Steve, I expect they won’t so I’ll sell them when the Golf goes. ATB
  3. Hi all, I’ve ordered and waiting delivery on a new A3 saloon. I’m coming from a Golf mk7.5 and wondered if the genuine VW roof bars would fit the A3 saloon, I suspect not but always good to ask and check. I’ve done a search but can’t find anything related to this. Thanks in advance Kev
  4. Kevmoz


    If your 3 weeks ahead of me that puts mind due in May, just in time for warm weather, dry roads and BIG smiles 😀.
  5. Kevmoz


    Hi Dean, I ordered my RS3 saloon last Wednesday and had the factory confirmation yesterday. I’m told 6 months to be delivered. My alternative to the RS3 was a Porsche Macan S and they say 6-9 months but wait times are longer still. all the best Kev
  6. Hi all, I’ve just placed an order for a new RS3 Vorsprung in Kemora grey so hopefully will have a delivery date of the middle of next year. I’m coming out of a series of VW Golf’s the current one being a Golf R. A step up to the RS3 seams like the logical step forward! I’m not new to Audi having had an A3 TDI and an A4 avant 2.5 V6TDI previously. just popped in to say hello and I’m sure I’ll be asking lots of silly questions over the coming month! ATB Kev
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