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  1. I’ve emailed them with my car details & they said they will drop straight down.
  2. That’s the only worry I had about them but I’ve been told they not, I just need to find out if they would drop straight down from diesel cap or not.
  3. Let me know what you think please
  4. You just drop them into your tank https://ftcdirect.com/pages/about-ftc
  5. Hi I was wondering if anybodys used FTC pellets on there Q5 to help with fuel economy. I know somebody who’s used these on a motorhome & they couldn’t believe the difference it made to there mpg & emissions.
  6. Hi Steve thank you for your reply, it does it all the time no matter what device is on like satnav, radio, CD player ect. It sometimes shutsdown completely, then if I hold the 3 buttons down it comes back on with no sound sometimes or comes back with sound but still happens. A few people said it could be the Bluetooth module but i couldn’t see anywhere to plug my fibre optic loop  in to bridge it.

    1. Steve Q

      Steve Q

      I'd definitely get a diagnostic check carried out. It might be just a case of getting a software update. 

  7. Was hoping somebody could help please, my sound seems to cut out on my mmi for a couple of seconds every mintute or so & in some cases shutdown completely. I’ve got a feeling it could be the Bluetooth module but I’m struggling to locate it, it’s on a 2010 Q5 I have see picture of the module but wasn’t sure if I could bypass this with a fibre optic loop. Thanks
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