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  1. +1 for this. When we looked for our A6 C8 we test drove a 50tdi with the tiptronic box. Loved the engine but my wife going from always having manual to getting in the 50tdi, massively noticed the delay/sluggishness of the tiptronic box. Gorgeous engine though. Got into the 40tdi which has the s tronic box and was miles better. “Almost” instant gear changes. Much more comfortable to drive, in relation the snappiness of the gearbox. Knowing how a torque converter works, it makes sense, the delay/sluggishness in the tiptronic box. However, I believe I read that if you put the car in dynamic, it can quicken the shifts. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi. New to the forum and Audi A6 ownership, so hi 👋. We recently traded in our A4 B9 for a 2019 69 plate A6 C8 40tdi Avant. Gorgeous car but we have had issues with it already in our 7 weeks of ownership. The car has 16k miles. Firstly the fuel pump went; we could hear a whine from the pump which was overbearing whilst driving, even over music. We took the car back to the dealership and they replaced it under the manufacture warranty. that was all working the first two weeks of ownership. Fast forward to yesterday, whilst my wife was driving to work and various faults appeared on the dash including “Audi pre sense”, “main beam assist fault” and “brake servo restricted”. (From reading this forum and others, I know that the brake servo will most likely be the servo sensor faulty). There were also several other faults that popped up but by the time she had pulled over to take a photo, they had disappeared. The powered tailgate also only opens up half way sometimes, intermittently, and the “my Audi” app only successfully connects to the car sporadically (since the faults have appeared on the dash). I took the car out for a drive last night and the brake pedal vibrates quite a lot whilst braking, which can be felt by my two kids in the back. I contacted my salesmen via email Thursday but he didn’t get back to me. Phoned the dealership and the earliest they can get the car in to inspect it is the 13th of June. Not acceptable in my view. I contacted the dealership general manager yesterday morning who appeared sympathetic and said they would get the car in a lot sooner and he would phone back by close of play, which he didn’t. I get that cars rely on a lot of electronics nowadays, so new to go wrong. I fully accept that but in 4 years of owning our 2017 plate B9 we had no issues whatsoever (well a door rattle). Our issue is, my wife needs the car for work/school drop off and we are a 1 car family. I cycle to work. We have owned the car for 7 weeks and already had 2 major faults. Warranty has covered the fuel pump and will, I’m sure cover the faults the car currently has. My question, finally, is, have we just been “unlucky” with our C8 or would we be better off attempting to give the car back (trading standards)? Cheers, Matt
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