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  1. Haha. I had my MOT on Monday, it passed ok. I did 600 miles since my last MOT and 100 of those were done on the hottest day.
  2. My original battery was a Moll 110Ah, it lasted for 11 years, I changed it for a Varta 110 Ah battery. I hope this one lasts me for 11 years.
  3. The Le Mans spec added the following to S-Line: 19" 7 double-spoke wheels Metallic paint Heated front seats Rear parking sensors Lighting pack Le Mans badges Milano leather seats, . If you want the 30mm drop S-Line suspension it's a no-cost option, but standard fitment to S-Line/Le Mans was (is?) 20mm drop Sports suspension.
  4. According to RossTech, it will eventually recognize the new battery without coding.
  5. Well can you post a picture of the plastic piece then ?
  6. I changed my 110 Ah battery without coding it with no problems and it wasn't even the same make. When I enquired to Ross Tech, they said "it's been over twelve months since you changed it so it's re coded itself by now"
  7. Please let us know the final outcome.
  8. Had the wheel off so me and my helper took a couple of pics.
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