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  1. Yes I've seen for a brand new one on ebay for 65 quid. And I think that was direct from audi though. But I also saw one for 30 on ebay but was from China. I'm just thinking the quality may or may not be the same hence why I'd rather if it was a second hand part as I know it was a genuine one
  2. Anyone know of anyone breaking an audi a1 s line. I'm in need of a passenger side fog light trim
  3. Oooh right I get you. I might be but I'm trying to get an understanding of the issues my car has. If you look at my previous forums. I've got an issue with my phone up screen not working and the radio not coming on. And when I've put a diagnostic on it .. one of the faults was a control module so was trying to rule out what each one does and if I change them would it make any difference
  4. Apparently my model doesn't have the range control on it hence why there's a blank space on the switch. But still confused as to why there would be a headlight range module in place 🤷‍♀️ I think to be honest I'm going to need to book it in with an electrician because it's getting to the point where its just head work now because I don't know if previous owners have tampered with it or even if it's been in an accident. I've paid online and done some checks to see but nothing was declared 🤔😐
  5. Thanks, ive got windscreen sorted, a family member knows someone who will do it for me.
  6. Yeah i know it does, thats why i wanted to know if anywhere that does it or recommendations to take the screen out and replace the seal,there's water coming in and I think its running down into the electrics, hence why I wanted to get the seal sorted on the screen before I start replacing modules etc.. but I'll put the module in that I have and see if that changes anything first. I'm new to all of this and just trying to get one major thing sorted that I know is causing issues 🙃 I'm not a mechanic and just trying to find someone who possibly knows what the issues are or how to fix them. Just when I thought when I bought the car it would possibly be something simple has turned into what might be a nightmare 😮‍💨 The photo is after it rained and there was a few patches across bottom of screen also headliner behind sun visor was wet
  7. Hi does anyone know if my audi a1 is meant to have a headlight range control button on the dash. I have a 2011 s line tdi. Ive noticed that it's blank where as my other audi's I've previously owner has always had them. I'm not sure if previous owner has messed with things and just put a blank one back in or not. As it brings up on diagnostic machine the headlight range module isn't working.. I have purchased the module, because I have no idea where to start on the list of issues that's wrong with this car 😅😐 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone knows of where I can get my windscreen seal replaced let me know Thanks See photo
  8. Sarahlouise1990

    My new pride & joy

    My little Audi a1 S line She needs a little work but we will get there 😁
  9. Unfortunately wasn't a dealership, was a private sale. Thanks will definitely look at that. That was one of the thing s I actually went to buy for it, but wasn't sure which one it was I actually needed 🤷‍♀️
  10. Hi, I'm new here. Just purchased an audi a1 s line. And my MMI system and screen doesn't work. I have connected a diagnostic machine and has come up with several faults. Has anyone come across this or have any idea on how to resolve this issue please!!
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