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  1. You never know, it might be lovely in the flesh 😬
  2. So, the search continues after narrowly missing out on a high miler but extremely high specc’d car yesterday…. Does this look like it has a tech pack? The screen likes wide and it has a scroll pad too? I had a disjointed conversation with the dealer who said it didn’t have a tech pack and no media storage, but I’m not convinced. Most dealers I’ve spoken to don’t seem too informed 🤔 https://www.comiskeymotors.co.uk/used-cars/14628826-audi-a6-a6-3.0-bi-tdi-quattro-313-s-line-5dr-tip-auto/
  3. Hi All, I’m contemplating switching from my 335d xDrive Touring to either one of a 3.0vs petrol or a BiTDi Avant. Budget is likely to land me up to a 2014 plate and I’m just trying to familiarise myself with Audi specs. I love my music and currently have it stored on the hard drive in the 3 series (uploaded via USB sticks). Am I able to do this in an A6? Most seem to be advertised with mention of SD cards but I’m not too familiar with that? Also, are you able to program the sat nav remotely via an Audi app? Thanks in advance, and apologies for what are probably stupid questions!
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