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  1. Hi There, A set of wheels has come up but they may be ET36 - Is this getting toward the limit on rubbing? The Cab does seem quite low not lowered. I do seem to recall that S lines have always 'wrapped' around the wheel's arches which has always looked good IMO. Thankyou
  2. Just another thought; do all A4 B7's have the glove box that locks on the central locking would anybody know. This would widen my options for a second hand one. Many Thanks
  3. Hi All, I wondered if anybody has a fix for the glovebox on my A4 Cab. When you lock unlock, there is loud noise similar to an impact driver on lock unlock. It's intermittent at the moment but doesn't lock the glovebox either. On further inspection, the arm that goes across to the solenoid closure is not attached anymore. To make things worse the solenoid is not accessible I don't think. Is there a fix for this would anybody know.? Is there a Dremel cut in the type of fix? I'm even happy to just disconnect the thing as the glovebox still locks manually.? Also, do all A4 B7s have the locking glovebox, or are I right in it is for cabs only? I ask as replacing the glovebox may be an option. As always, your help is much appreciated. I'm fixing a heater diverter motor, so I know it's not one of those. Many thanks, All.
  4. True I've always liked the lemann style but yes I may have a look at others
  5. Thanks Rob hopefully not sold. I'm torn between the fat spokes and the twin spokes on the last edition cab.
  6. Do you think it get away with an et of 39.?
  7. Hi There, I wondered if anybody could help confirm the et of the last edition lemanns wheels please. I have standard s line alloys which are et 43. I was wondering if the lemanns A4 wheels are et 34.? Many thanks Maz
  8. Hi All, Another problem that's been plaguing me. I have 2 keys that were supplied with my car. One works perfectly with no issue. The second one doesnt seem to work as a remote. It will happily manually open the car and it will start the car no problem. Having opened up the key a microchip fell out which was once soldered to the PCB board and so it's clearly the circuit board. On the grounds that the key works so the real complex programming with the immobiliser bit works could I just buy a replaent PCB that I can programme using the key turning method etc. I've checked the part no. On the key as 8e0 837 220 0. I think the 0 is a 0 at the end. It also says 433mhz. Anybody else done or attempted to fix..? There's lots of circuit boards around so just wondered many thanks...
  9. Does anybody know where is sensible to jack an A4 conv. I ask as my low profile jack isn't low enough. I hate jacking on the sills as it tends to warp the coating and deform the sill edge too. I was thinking of taking the weight on the tyre jack and then posting the low profile jack under but not sure where. Usually I'd use the the casing the wishbone connects to but this has a thin plate guarding below it. I was thinking of going about 2 inches back from this point where the wishbone connects and jacking on that plate. It also has 2 bars that form part of the strengthening. So these also create issues. Your help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi Rob, As suspected they are aftermarket unless this was a very last of the pre bumper change vehicles. The rear sensors are not flush mounted but slightly raised. I'm sure ive seen this on VW's tho. So wondered if it was part of an earlier design and this was the last of 2007 builds say.
  11. Hi Steve I'll do that. I'm not sure if it's a quirk but I've noticed there isnt a parking sensor button on the centre console. So would this automatically confirm they are aftermarket.? It only has rears Or did some Audi's have rear sensors fitted without that button.? They have a slightly raised sensor. I noticed my Skoda doesn't have the parking sensor button so perhaps they are OEM.? Thanks Mario
  12. Ah thanks Rob. I've wasted a good 4 hours on this. I wished I'd thought to join a forum. It's thanks to people like you that have the knowledge. I do wonder why Audi go to the trouble of moulding the rear lense and even putting a bulb in the cluster as well lol. I have to say not the first time VAG have led me a dance. Octavia vrs with drls has side lights in the main headlights that are wired in a have bulbs but programmed out due to drls. Thanks again. Next 2 issues now a grunting noise under the globe box and reverse sensors that when I put in reverse give continues bleep mostly but have cleaned them and they now work intermittently.
  13. Hi There, please can somebody help my sanity..... I bought an A4 cabriolet which has the new style rear lights. The nearside rear works but the offside doesn't. I'm sure I've read that there is only 1 rear but all the cablingnis there including the build. Would anybody be able to confirm. I can then leave this job of the remaining such as duct motors behind the globe box etc.
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