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  1. Hi Gummifledge is used on rubber seals ,helps with creaky soft tops, protects and stops them from cracking. Not cheap stuff but works great.. I have taken the door card off, motor off and greased the splines, I have got my hand behind and greased everything that had a channel ,also the cogs albeit the best i could..Still there ,i am going to have to work out how to remove the regulator on a cabriolet as it is different from a framed door ..looks like a bit of googling as i dont think i will solve this without taking regulator out to properly grease up the channels
  2. Hi yes I have used silicon spray were I can get to I also used gummifledge around all the seals also run a plastic trim tool along to check for anything stuck... It does sound like a windscreen wiper on dry glass it's bugging me as I reckon it's a seal but I have had the door card off and sprayed everywhere
  3. If you can imaging opening a door and you get that squeak thats makes you beleive the hinges need oiling thats what it sounds like in fact at first i thought that was the issue,that was until i realised it was when the window was actualy dropping , it can come and go but when maually opperating the window there is an issue somewere ,the only parts i cannot get to without srtipping it is the regulator ..At the moment window is working and motor is good but i still get the squeak every now and then i suppose i will have to put up with it untill i need to replace the regulator which looks like the removal of quite a few bolts
  4. Hi Cliff , yes it's normal for the convertible to do this ,i think its a safety thing.
  5. Hopefully a better video VID_20201018_145133.mp4
  6. Hi I have a A3 cab 2011 all windows work but I have a noisy drivers window, I have taken the door card off and operated the window and tried to figure out if its motor or regulator gears. To me it sounds as though the motor is the culprit, if it is I can change it easy enough but before I do is there any coding numbers I need to keep change etc, I do have vcds any help would be appreciated thanks. VID not great but it may give an indication VID_20201018_105119.mp4
  7. Hi i have a 2011 1.6 tdi cabriolet and i have only just noticed that when i open the passenger door the door drops a about 15mm as it should however it squeaks as if the window was rubbing on the rubber when it drops ,however it does not do it when closing the door ...I have used Gummifledge on the seals and also tried the wd40 as well and it still does it..I have also taken the door card off and the motor sounds healthy when i switch the window up and down , i can hear the squeak but cant pin point it ..I have also run a plastic tool trim along the top of the door just in case any dirt is in there and all appears fine .Anyone come across this before ..
  8. Was the car affected with the EA189 software fix,if you put the reg number in this page it will tell you. If it as it was well known to affect injectors ,DPF and EGR saying you no longer have the DPF and i presume the EGR is mapped out, it could if it as been done affected the injectors ,i know as i have changed all 4 mine after 15k on the fix they were causing bad idling and after checking with vcds all 4 were way out of tolerance.....
  9. No expert but surely replacing the DPF could help with the emissions issue..Iknow they are expensive as the cheapest new i have found from Germany is just over £400.. Also surprised the MOT tester did not fail the car by not having a DPF (i presume they are not aware its missing)
  10. Thanks looks like there is two options for the car one with stop start and one without stop start with 7 teeth and non stop start with 6 ..I also found out that the OEM from factory is a Sachs and trade price from TPS Vag parts is a mind blowing £956 and that is sold as seperate parts not a kit version,DMF is £500 alone ..I think i will shopping around ..
  11. LUK are parts I have used in the past and have been happy with them,Tecchniclutch however advertise OEM parts but after reviews it appears not..So yes I am looking at either LUK or Sachs ...I will seek out the number for LUK technical in order to source a part number ..
  12. Hi, yes it's the LUK I have been looking at used before on a BMW ..(done the usual google search and ebay techniclutch come up a lot but reviews are awfull) ..I do normaly look for a part number and try and go down that route it was the stop start issue I was thinking off anyway I have made a couple of enquiries via message on a couple on ebay
  13. Hi, i have a 2011 1.6tdi convertible and i am searching for the complete clutch kit with dmf the problem is i found a few that match my engine code etc but state they are for cars without stop start ,mine as stop start but i disabled it via vcds ...realy strugling to find one ...Could anyone help were i might source one thanks ..
  14. Hi, i purchased the car in May 2019 as a second owner with 77k on clock and all tyres on the car were put on by previous owner..The front tyres have been replaced by myself a few months ago ,i replaced the front with like for like and they were Altimax (general) ..Last week is when i replaced the rear and i asked for Altimax as i had them on front and presumed they were Altimax on rear as well,but it turned out they were a budget tyre with an A in the make making me believe they were Altimax however they were not..When i took the car in last week my mileage was over 99k and i can say 100% i have not changed the rear tyres ...When i viewed the car from side and rear i always believed the tyres were fine ,i got a slow puncture in offside rear and thats when i found out i had to change them otherwise believe it or not i would still be driving around with them on.....Just noticed you can actualy see the screw head on the inner were it as worn..Just checked the exact mileage when i purchased the car with thise tyres on rear and it was 76,768 miles and replaced at 99,500