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  1. I do have a oil extractor but no need as i did manage to get to the sump plug to drain from underneath ...
  2. Tried that before ,very easy to slip using that method, i have done the job but i do like to get the front end as high as i can so may try for some ramp extensions for the next time .
  3. Update on getting under car ,i have done it via trolley jack and stands,however i was right the undertray is actual metal ,mild steel or an alloy of some kind,it is not the origanal tary as there is a mismatch of blts fitting the tray ,from a standard coach bolt to a few T25 bolts ,one of which will need my grinder to get out as it looks like something as snapped off in there,around the edge are a few T20 bolts that i presume are the ones dor the correct tray ,all this to change the oil ...not putting this tray back for sure going to look or a genuine one to make live so much easier when changing next time as i do like to change my oil on a regular basis ....
  4. It was if i remember corectly 1963 ,it was actualy called a spitfire4 and was badged as that,i did 90% myself apart from the painting of it .It also had the coventry reg plate 8369 KV It was in the days were you could use washing up liquid and hairpins to get you home when you broke down and i have used both in order to get me home ,you could do your timing while on the road literaly get out and turn the dizzy cap and tweak etc,had so much fun in that car ,the complete hood and frame came off the car and fit in the boot ,...Also if anyone is from the Sheffield area we used to go to a place called spitfire graveyard were a very ecentric chap called Richard owned a Triumph spares garage ,great excuse for a drive going over snake pass.
  5. No problem, i have always done my own servicing on cars and do have most of the equipment acumalated over the years .. I am pretty ok with the mechanics as i did used to work (sub contract for British Leyland) and i once owned and fully restored a Mk 1 Triumph spitfire ..
  6. Thanks , looks like its the way to go
  7. Hi, i have the above car and i normaly do all my own oil changes on my previous cars via steel car ramps and always found it to be no issue ,however i have just tried to get the ramps under the A3 but they won't go ,not enough clearence ,never thought i would have this issue so now i am looking for another way or if anyone as managed to do it via low level ramps then i would invest in a pair ...I also noted that the underbelly tray appears to be metal and not plastic with a few fasteners missing ,not sure what they are as i can't see them clearly enough..Any help would be apreciated ..Thanks
  8. Hi, i have just picked up my Audi a3 cabriolet 1.6tdi 2011 and noticed that the front passenger speaker does not work ,the tweeter on that side soes also no rear speaker but since worked out that the chorus HU did not have rear speakers ,however i am strugling to find what direct replacement (used) speaker i need ,can any one help...Thanks
  9. Hi , as per title i am looking to find someone who can give me ny ECU engine data(via vag) so i can send a print out to a tuner ... Can any help out ,i am near to Rochdale or Burnley ,would obviously pay for the service ..Thanks
  10. Hi, i have been on the carista web site and it appears that the A3 convertible 2011 1.6tdi is compatible with my car ,however when i go to the purchase link that takes me to Amazon it says it os not compatible ..Could anyone help as to what they use with their A3 ..Thanks
  11. Normaly this is the way i would normaly think ,maybe i am just a tad paranoid at the moment and maybe once i am up and about in the car i may think differently.. Yes your right if i revert back to a original/older software then that in itself could cause its own problems after the car as been running over two years with the EA189 update i just dont know....
  12. Hi, i pick up a 2012 plate A3 1.6tdi cabriolet mid next week ,it as 76k on clock with full history and just the one owner . I know the car had the updated emission software done in Feb 2017 ,previous owner tells me she as had no issues with the car whatsoever and i have no reason to doubt what she says as its makes no odds to her either way , i have owned a 1.6tdi that as not had the fix so i should have a good idea what to expect when i eventualy drive it but i have found someone who can rollback the software ,price is decent for possible piece of mind etc...Dilema is do i have it done now or if the fix was going to cause issues it may well have showed or would the rollback cause any issues on a car that i am told is running fine ..I may be overthinking things and worrying over nothing but since i found someone to do the rollback its got me swaying to the get it rollbacked ...As any one gone down this route that can give any advice ...Thanks
  13. Now that is good to know ,not picking mine up until weekend and i too was looking at options 👍
  14. Thanks for the reply ,yes i did some homework mainly because only 6 weeks or so ago i purchased a BMW 118i convertible that turned out to have a big problem with the timming chain,it was replaced but they ommited the sump clean out along with pick up drainer thus causing issues with bottom end circulation and now i no longer have the car and lost a lot of money ...I suppose with this car i am lucky as its had just one owner from new who obvioulsy knows the car and had the decency to reply to my questions ,i also contaced the local audi and they said they will send me details of when fix was done ...Going down the rollback route is an option as i have contacted (no response yet ) a few places that do it ,just doing some pre planning in case i may need to do it ..I am just one of lives overthinkers and yes probably worries to much as i have spoken to a few other VAG owners who had no issues
  15. Thanks for the reply , I have seen the V5 and just the one keeper who I have contacted and they have been kind enough to respond telling me they had no issues whatsoever with the car ,in fact telling me in all honesty it was the best car she had owned and only passed it on as she needed a four door ,and she has no reason either way to tell me anything otherwise ..On the reversing the software I wanted to keep a open mind in case I felt I did get issues later and it could be done ...