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  1. I get what you are saying - but whatever happens I have to fix the leak on this particular head - and the evidence is there regarding the overrun, so i was thinking it maybe prudent to change stem seals ( and check valves) at the same time considering the amount of stripping down i'd have to do anyway - once that bank is done I would do the other.....the car is an absolute workhorse, close to 200K miles now and it is one of the best Audis I have ever owned - and i'd like to keep her running. best, Mark
  2. Thanks for the replies - Looking closer I think the leak is from the gasket between the head and the cam girdle - the question is.....do I take the head off as well while I am there so I can replace valve stem seals...or better left alone - and then also, do I replace top chain tensioners while it is all apart - This could go downhill very quickly!! Mark
  3. My A6 (AUK engine) uses quite a lot of oil - I removed the undertray to see if I could see where it originated from - the tray was soaked! However, after a week or so of driving and parking overnight there was no sign of oil on the floor but quite a lot on the underside of the car, even though I had received a low oil warning earlier. Its possible it is only losing while driving. While I was doing a service on the car I noticed that the vacuum pump was covered in oil and grime as were the pipes underneath the pump - I bought a seal kit for the pump and fitted it thinking this was my problem.......unfortunately not! still getting oil warning indications. After a little more investigation and removing the whole air intake section i noticed that the rear part of the drivers side block was soaked in oil. Looking at 7Zap there is the rocker cover and a gasket, the camshaft frame and gasket and the head and gasket. Its difficult to see exactly where the oil is coming from, but seeing as though I have no performance issues, water loss, oil in water, water in oil etc I'm thinking (hoping!) that the head and gasket to the block is ok. I don't particularly want to remove the head, however, I have noticed smoke from the exhaust when I hit the gas after cruising downhill using engine braking only - this I think is valve stem seals letting oil pass - I am presuming that the head has to come off to replace the stem seals? Anybody had experience of camshaft carrier and head removal? - thanks Mark
  4. Not sure about the fuse, but I have recently had to replace the siren. Remove the scuttle panels that sit upto the windscreen (1 of the clips to the bottom of the screen) -underneath this on the passenger side (UK car) you will see a box which houses an ECU - it is behind that!! - I had to remove the lid of the box to get to the siren. Mark
  5. Finally got around to this.... Bought DVD navigation drive from eBay - £39.00, bought the power connectors from Audi £6, bought the bits to make a MOST loop from eBay £10, bought a antenna extension cable from eBay £8. Plugged everything up in the boot - removed the last bit of roof lining in the rear and found the unused GPS antenna cable for the sharks fin - turned everything on....hey presto it actually works!!!! - Just waiting for the latest version Nav DVD to arrive. So just short of £60 and an hour of time and i have working Sat Nav. Also just added an original Audi DAB module ( £40 eBay) - now got DAB radio! - got to admit, if you are going to do any mod, i would recommend fitting DAB. Mark
  6. Problem solved!!! It turns out that the alarm horn has an internal battery - which is prone to leaking all over the PCB inside. Took me ages to find it - It was tucked up by the nearside A pillar - behind the ECU plastic box. The only bit you can see is a bolt, the horn itself is completely hidden. Had to remove the scuttle panel, both wiper arms, the windscreen deflector panel and finally remove the lid of the ECU container! Replacement off ebay was £16!! Mark
  7. About 3 months ago while my car was parked outside work - what i thought was the alarm started sounding - It was a regular beep ( about 1 per second) and it seemed to be coming from the RHS underneath the scuttle panel under the bonnet. The beeping went on for about 20 seconds - stopped for 10 seconds and then carried on. No matter what i did i could not stop this. I unlocked the car with the fob - locked the car - beeping still there. It would just not stop. There were NO indicators flashing which i thought was odd considering the alarm was going off. I decided to leave it to see what it did - after about an hour it stopped beeping but the indicators were flashing! when i returned an hour after this episode everything seemed ok. I scanned with VCDS but no fault codes. A couple of weeks later the same thing happened around 7PM - the car had been parked for about 1 hr. Again nothing would stop the beeping - so i started the car up and left it running for about 2 minutes ( still beeping at this time) - turned the car off and locked with the key fob - the beeping stopped. Did another VCDS scan, nothing recorded. Everything has been fine until 1:30 AM this morning! - started beeping - nothing would stop it - tried disabling the interior monitoring ( switches on the B pillar) - started the engine for 2 minutes - hey presto the beeping stopped. Another VCDS scan - nothing recorded! Anybody any ideas? Mark
  8. Had my A6 C6 3.2 FSI quattro for around 6 months now - had a few minor issues along the way....but generally all good. My latest issue, probably something to do with a change in the weather - The HOT/COLD controls seem to be all over the place - if I switch from hot to cold it stays hot for around 30 mins then slowly cools down - if i turn the engine off and leave it for 5 mins then turn back on the blower is cold.....however i have noticed that i can't get cold aircon to blow at all, the air is quite tepid- the system is pressurised it just seems that the temperature will not go low enough. It seems like none of the flaps are working correctly - I can hear them moving, or at least i can hear the motors running - Is there a way of resetting these? And most recently i have noticed that during a long drive, after around 2 hrs the car just steams up- to the point where I have to stop! It will be like this for the rest of the drive.....however leave it overnight and the following morning it is ok - I am not loosing water and there doesn't seem to be any evidence of leaking into the car. ideas anybody?
  9. No DVD unit in the boot - there is only the radio unit..... Been having a look to see which DVD player I need and there are a couple of options....guessing will also need a power split lead and a MOST fibre splitter....
  10. So must be mmi2g high - certainly have 6.5" screen - and because I have red green and blue pages it isn't red monochromatic .........also I saw a 2g basic system yesterday....the screen is not as big top to bottom and is pure red!!!!!
  11. this is my issue - A work friend of mine has a basic 2.0 A6 2006....this has full sat nav with colour screen - but when you scroll through the various things - phone book is green - traffic is blue and radio is red - only on sat nav do you get full colour - this is a MMI High system.... I just presumed mine was the same....just no Sat Nav....... when you look at the spec of my car - its usually equipped with Mmi high.....but this is Audi we are talking about..... there doesn't seem to be a definitive way of seeing which is which - however, I am new to the A6 C6 world, so its a learning curve for me... Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!!!! Mark
  12. No - I have just got a CD multi changer in the glove box..... Also doing a bit of digging ( some of the info is VERY ambiguous) I think I need a different screen - mine shows only Red Green Or blue - and not full colour - although I may have got that wrong! thanks Mark
  13. My 2005 A6 has MMI 2 High ( v 55.7.0) but without Sat Nav - anybody know if this can be easily upgraded to Sat Nav and more importantly what is needed? thanks Mark
  14. If you are just replacing the circuit board - then it is just plug and play - just make sure you get the right one.....there are loads on eBay...I know this as I have just done this with mine! If you were replacing the MMI module ( behind the screen) then you would need to recode - or at least have someway of checking (VCDS etc) if the new module is option coded correctly for your vehicle.
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