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LY9K Paint Code

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Hi Guys

I have a query which I hope one of you guys can answer regarding the LY9K Amalfi White paint code.

I have purchased several "rattle" cans from different suppliers which all show Amalfi white on the can and turn out as a creamy white (the shade that I want) however, purchasing the required quantity in 2K paint from my local paint factor (i am a spray painter by trade), I find that the shade is completely different being an "off white".

I have seen A3/A4's (2013/14 years in question) in the shade that I want but there apparently is no code other than LY9K applicable to it. I have also contacted several other paint factors who all state its an "Off white" shade.

Does anyone know if the creamy white shade has a different code as I cannot find anything and nothing can be found on paint factor computers or swatch cards?



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Halfords can mix any paint in store . I got a 300mil spray can made of my dytona gray pearl few months ago. 

Just give them the paint code wait 10 min and done. You can get either a spray or a touch up bottle

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