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  1. Sline is a trim level. Optional extras are added ato any trim level
  3. Also when you have them out replace copper seals , it will stop making the typical diesel tapping nosie. Seals are few £ only
  4. Injectors . Get them out on a test bench to see with one is leaking
  5. If you have android phone then obd11 is best choice Or for ios carista ( carista also works on andriod phones but obd 11 is better in my opinion ) If not then a vcds ross tech cable ( a laptop required)
  6. Hey. You youtube link to the video does not seem to work. Can you post again
  7. Maps are maps , software is seperate Are you sure you have mmi2g high ? I think a5 had 3g Have you got a dvd drive with 2 sd card slots ?
  8. Well you would obviusly clean and degress all prior ...
  9. In esence yes. So fix one to remove the bench and cover plate held by 3 screws. Then unplug electrical connectors , clean with contact cleaner and put back Of this does not fix then you would need to take the sende out , plastic ring can be a pain to unscrew but few taps of a hamer through a wood block dose it. On the sender there is a connector hanging out that fails. Best option would be to cut it out and solder the cables.
  10. I presume the car is quattro with 80l tank that has 2 senders . Faulty sender on passanger side. Its a common fault on a6 c6 . There are few ways to get it fix. Did you manage to get it working now ?
  11. Sounds like you found the problem Delete all paired devices and reconnect your phone. Its should pull the contacts when memory is free
  12. Few things to check Memory in the mmi full. Reseting car bluetooth settings can help. On the phone check if the contacts are shared. Go to bluetooth and press on settings on the car connection. There you will have a slider to turn on/off
  13. Me too. Ive missed last year but will be there this year