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  1. you can buy the plug only form audi for few pounds.
  2. what was the reason for the gearbox oil change on the first place? tiptronic is sealed for life and if the oil change was done incorrectly this will be cause of the issues. when chaning oil you need to ensure the tranny is flashed and after 1k miles the oil needs to be changed again to enusre all metal fillings are flushed
  3. This works only of yoy have memory seats
  4. Dab fm bluetooth transmiter would be your cheapest option
  5. You need to get a vcds scan and check the fault codes. Most garages should be able to do that. I vote for a problem with MOST fibre optic loop . Most likley caused by water damage
  6. Nice video but i did my 2g high with bose without unpluging anything Also for 3g update is done via sd card. Not cds
  7. No. For xenons you need to get few things sorted - headlights washers new bumper - self leveling retrofit - depending on the module you may need a new one or rewire And few other bits
  8. Also FYI you posted in wrong section. Audi a6 2004 -2011 is C6 model 🙂
  9. Yes . You can retrofit bt module or go for a dension 500bt with has hands free usb and music streaming I would go for option 2 🙂
  10. It was a paid option. And yes you can retrofit ami depending of the set up ? Do you know what mmi you have ? This might help https://upgrademyaudi.net/tutorials/how-to-check-what-mmi-do-i-have-mmi-2g-3g-3g-types-of-audi-navigation-systems/
  11. You need 504.00 / 507.00 spec for 2.7 diesel . You will not see any economy gains between 5w30 or 5w40
  12. AMI socet :). If its not in the glove box then you dont have it
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