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  1. All depends on et and offset. I have seen 20 go on easy
  2. And gps antena and probably few other bits...
  3. Ok so you have mmi2g high. Do you have a dvd unit in the boot ?
  4. 6.5" Colour screen is mmi2g high. Red monochromatic screen is mmi2g basic
  5. Hey. 2008 audi a6 is c6 not c7 🙂 You could email some audi breakers to see if they can find it for you
  6. When was the last time the gearbox was serviced, oil change ?
  7. Why ? You wont see any gain in preformace .
  8. Sounds like a break in MOST, fiber optic loop Most common issues would be a fault with a module that is past of the loop like amplifier , bluetooth module , etc Any sign of water in the passenger footwell ?
  9. Have you got a dvd drive in the boot left side compartment ?
  10. If you are replacing mmi panel or the borad only ... no codding required. Just plug and play. But it might be worth taking the current one apart and check of there isnt any spilages that happened , its quite comon. The board is multilayer so trying to fix it would be near imposible
  11. Take it to a garage for a test. They use a dye to see where the leak is from
  12. Headlights or bulbs ? Sounds like you need new xenon bulbs .
  13. Any fault codes on vcds scan ?
  14. Yes. Its the pipe that supplies water to the washers . Its a bumper off job . There is a quick relase valve and fog lights cables so be careful when taking off the bumper