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  1. niedzial1983

    S4 B6 Worries

    Usualy is the top tensioner goes first. You will hear a chain rattle 2-3second long on start up
  2. niedzial1983

    Start problem

    Most common issue is the ignition barrel failure When you put in thr key in does the car dash lights up ?
  3. niedzial1983

    Battery light then esp then dead 😳

    You will need a vcds or obd11pro , mabey carista to code in battery But if you will replace like for like ( voltage amps ) you dont need to code anything
  4. niedzial1983

    Battery light then esp then dead 😳

    FYI Battery chanrge should be around 14.2v . Also new battery should be codded in
  5. Avant or sedan? And what year is your car ?
  6. niedzial1983

    Can you play a dvd 2015 a6 ultra + more

    Not dvd but i think you can use one of the sd cards slots
  7. niedzial1983

    A6 Avant 2.7 c6

    Is it 2.7tdi manual ?
  8. niedzial1983


    You wont be able to operate any aftermarket units as audi a6 c6 sound system is basted on MOST ( fiberoptics ) . Have you got red display or colour above the vents ?
  9. niedzial1983

    Switched Live in overhead light cluster

    You would need a multimeter to check . I have mine wired in to the driver side fuse box .
  10. niedzial1983

    PLEASE ANY HELP A6 2005 3.0tdi s line

    I presume you can start the car ? When you press the brake pedal there should be a sound of the lach disengaging that blocks the gear leaver. It might be that what is broken
  11. niedzial1983

    Bi xenon bulbs

    Try osram cool blue up 6000k. The are really good and not blue as the name suggests. 6000k is just on the edge of white light. Or go for nightbrakers
  12. niedzial1983

    MMI Version

    Mmi 3g
  13. niedzial1983

    Socks or Chains

    No idea. Youtube for some info on both But it goes without saying you will need good winter tires !
  14. niedzial1983

    Headlight Dismantle? Motor replacement?

    Ebay would be your best call to keep checking. Also when the fault comes back get the car to audi for vcds scan and find out what exactly the fault code is
  15. niedzial1983

    Headlight Dismantle? Motor replacement?

    What is the full part no on the headlights ?