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  1. niedzial1983

    Can't get phone numbers into MMI

    Sounds like you found the problem Delete all paired devices and reconnect your phone. Its should pull the contacts when memory is free
  2. niedzial1983

    Can't get phone numbers into MMI

    Few things to check Memory in the mmi full. Reseting car bluetooth settings can help. On the phone check if the contacts are shared. Go to bluetooth and press on settings on the car connection. There you will have a slider to turn on/off
  3. niedzial1983

    Audi's in the park 11 chat thread

    Me too. Ive missed last year but will be there this year
  4. niedzial1983

    Keyless Theft Security

    Its similar to the credit cards contactless. New trend is that if you have it in your pocket someone can come very close to you with a reader and get 30£ ... they even make phone cases and walets that prevent this from happening by using materials to block the signal . I bet soon there will be key car covers... But looking back there was steering locks , gearshifter blokades, etc etc... and they all got a way to brake and steal the car. Common sense seem to be the only way at the moment to not leave stuff in the car, keep keys safe,...
  5. niedzial1983

    Which A3 Does This belong to?

    Cabrio also has wind deflector similar to this ...
  6. niedzial1983

    Analogue to digital tuner I have manage to collect all i need just waiting for better weather to connect .
  7. niedzial1983

    Analogue to digital tuner

    U can retrofit. Im actualy half way to do mine as well You need : Most loop(fiberoptics) Dab module Dab antena Dab antena amplifier Power harrnes
  8. niedzial1983

    Spray type washer jets

    I did this mod on my a6 c6
  9. Oil any that meets vag 504/507 spec will be fine
  10. niedzial1983

    Throttle Body Clean. Ross-tech required?????

  11. niedzial1983

    Media update to display albums on screen.

    All depends on the media. If its recorded with ID3 tag then it will show , it not it may not, it may use thr file name ( from usb stick for example ) .
  12. niedzial1983


    If you not sure then get coilovers as you can regulate the hight 🙂
  13. niedzial1983

    LED light up grade

    No . Halogen and xenon are 2 diffrent headlight units . If you have halogen you need a halogen bulb. Get osram nightbrakers
  14. niedzial1983

    LED light up grade

    Xenon or halogen ?
  15. Anyone plays fallout 76 on ps4 ?