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  1. Yes exactly . You would need to apply protector. But im unsure if there is any anyglare on the display anyways... its just a mat finish of the screen
  2. Maguires Plastx will do a good job.
  3. niedzial1983

    Post a photo of your Audi

    Got my car back after 2 weeks in the sprayers 🙂 time for a little spa
  4. niedzial1983

    Multitronic DSG ?

    There are 4 types on c7 platform Manual Stronic dtc Multitronic ctv Tiptronic zf8hp
  5. niedzial1983

    Used A6 buying advice please

    Black edition is just a visiual thing. All chrome bits are in black outside , nothing else
  6. niedzial1983

    Pigeon dropping

    Get it to a detailer to see if they can do a paint correction Also have a look at nano coating to protect the paintwork in the future 🙂
  7. niedzial1983

    Wiper Electrical Fault

    You need a vcds scan for faults . It could be something simple or not.. Scan will tell you what the fault is
  8. niedzial1983

    Air con problem?

    Common issue . Here ia how to fix
  9. niedzial1983

    A6 C6 phone cradle

    If he has the cradle and the phone than he does not have a bt module to connect a mobile phonr via bluetooth A6 c6 had 2 systems. One to use only with the supplied audi phone and bt module to be used with any phone.
  10. niedzial1983

    Rear spring replacement

    I had my rear springs changed last month , both broke, 100£ at a local garage I do belive you need to compress them
  11. niedzial1983

    Fog light conversion to LED or Xeon

    Putting xenon in fogs will not pass MOT . Also leds can possibly show faults on dash or flash every 30 seconds as the car checks for faulty bulbs I have on my a6 c6 h7 halogen bulb with a blue tint. It gives white light 🙂
  12. niedzial1983

    Air con problem?

    You need to replace the ac sensor . The first fault is there as the sensor does not comunicates with the controler
  13. niedzial1983

    Trouble finding correct size S-line rear springs!!

    I fitted new springs a month ago . They will do down a bit after a month or so And showroom or not they have the weight of the car on them so the hight will be diffrent when you mesure the spring with and without load on them By logic things go down with age ... 😂
  14. niedzial1983

    Trouble finding correct size S-line rear springs!!

    Just remember when you will buy new rear sprinds the car will sit higher that before. They will get a bit lower after a month or so but it will be still higher than now.
  15. niedzial1983

    Car Show Prep and detailing

    Nice paul. Get yourself a ironx and clay bar . They will decontaminate the paint you will see a real diffrence !