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Ermmmmmm, Hi, I am new here! But I need help!

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Hello all,

So, I finally bought myself an Audi! I have had a Skoda for years, and it being the poor man Audi, it was time for an upgrade. Albeit an old upgrade! I have bought a 2002 Audi A4 1.9 TDI. A Little tired, but okay for its age. However, whilst it has cosmetic issues, There are some pertinent mechanical ones to tackle first. I am a decent diy mechanic through necessity but have a large tool chest now with a reasonable amount of patience! Below are a few issues i need to address;


Clutch bite point high, probably needing new clutch. Some flywheel rattle so whilst in that area, all in all out.

Rear brake pads. Easy job.


rear wiper not working

coolant leak from transmission area

some symbols on the screen - oil can with sensor wording and bracketed circle in amber. The first one i presume is a sensor issue and the circle i presume is a brake issue but not sure.


replaced one front wing already because of rust

headliner is drooping

interior lights weren’t working

glove box bracket


if anyone has any hints, tips or walkthroughs for the above, please let me know!



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