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Hello, I'm new around here

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Happy New Year everyone.

I found and joined the forum yesterday.  I have a 20 reg A4 Avant s line diesel in glacier white that I bought in November.  I'm a serial car changer but I'm enjoying it so far s hopefully I will keep this one for a while.   Recent cars have been a 19 reg S3 saloon that I just didn't gel with, I'm not sure why but I never drove it, then I changed to a slightly newer C43 estate but I didn't really use that much either (I was a bit paranoid about parking it up and it getting stolen), I changed that to a 69 BMW X2 but only kept it for 2 months.  That one was a bit wide for my drive and garage without power mirrors or camera and the seats weren't comfortable, so I've recently bought the A4. I'm already using it more than the previous cars.  I had looked at the A4 avant before but found the interior a bit plain (one of the things I didn't like about the S3).  I really love the interior of the A4 now and the seats are very comfortable to me.  The gearbox is a lot smoother and I can't feel it changing.  The C43 had 9 gears and even when driven sedately, it seemed to rush up the gearbox into 9th gear and I don't use the paddle shifts so it seemed to be in the wrong gear a lot of the time.

This car suits me more and I've usually gone for estates over saloon models.

This might go down as the longest intro in history.



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Hi Sarah.....happy new year and welcome to the forum

Glad you've made you mind up with the A4 🙂
I always found it daunting to know which car to shift and which to keep
It helps as you get older and become content with a certain car and then don't tend to flit from one to another

Good to have you onboard

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