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  1. Just here for interest. Luckily (touching wood) I haven't had anything to fix. That's tempting fate now. I do like to keep them looking nice though so have lots of different detailing stuff
  2. Hi Nick. I'm new too and have an a4 estate. You must have loved it to get another.
  3. Hi there Mike. I'm new around here too
  4. Hello Stephen, I'm a newbie too. You've had some nice cars and a very nice one now. I'm in Yorkshire too (East Yorks coast).
  5. Happy New Year everyone. I found and joined the forum yesterday. I have a 20 reg A4 Avant s line diesel in glacier white that I bought in November. I'm a serial car changer but I'm enjoying it so far s hopefully I will keep this one for a while. Recent cars have been a 19 reg S3 saloon that I just didn't gel with, I'm not sure why but I never drove it, then I changed to a slightly newer C43 estate but I didn't really use that much either (I was a bit paranoid about parking it up and it getting stolen), I changed that to a 69 BMW X2 but only kept it for 2 months. That one was a bit wi
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