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  1. hi phil,i dont know if this helps but i bought a few headlight resto kits for my 2002 tt and none were much good but i then tried meguairs compound on them and they really came up well,you need to work it in and let it dry and repeat it again,its worth a shot.greg
  2. thanks for that steve,im still hoping my own turn up but its good to know.
  3. hello folks,i bought a 2002 tt 180 bhp in july and am doing some jobs on it,anyway the speedo unit was not working right[apparently a common problem] so i sent it to cartronix in the uk for repair and they sorted it fairly fast and were very helpful but we now think theyve been lost in transit by royal mail,brexit isnt helping trying to get stuff posted from the uk at the moment,if i had to find a used binnacle is it a big job to get it programmed to my car?also i think the immobiliser is in the binnacle so now i cant even run the car and its going on a month now.im told a different binnacle can be tricky to programme to another car.
  4. hello simon,thats a beautiful s8 youve got there,a very nice daily driver,
  5. coupe4


    hi gareth thanks for your reply and advice,i will give them a call tomorrow and i will ye know how it goes.greg.
  6. coupe4


    hello folks,im wondering if insurance companies in the uk are as bad as the ones here in ireland......ive bought a 2002 tt 180 bhp and am trying to put a policy on it in my wifes name with me as the name driver but they wont even quote us.i have a policy on my 2016 a6 avant and a classic policy with carol nash on my 1995 audi coupe,we are not boy racers or have any convictions and im 50!!!.they seem to make up the rules to suit themselves and im curious to know if its the same in the uk.
  7. hi lads , hello everyone,this is my first post but ive on as a guest for a while,im having trouble with my 95 coupe when its cold,it has the ace engine.when i start it cold it needs to be revved for about 3 or 4 minutes or it will cut out,once its warm its fine,ive changed the temp sensor,the cold start valve and cleaned most of the electrical connectors but no improvement and im wondering am i overlooking something else?im in ireland so theres not too many coupe owners here to talk to!any advice would be really appreciated,
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