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  1. its a very clean car underneath too!
  2. hi ian,theres a few fore sale here in ireland mostly 2 litre.have a look on donedeal.ie youl find 2 or 3 there.greg.
  3. hi charles, i use liqui moly all the time as im told its a very good oil,i think a good quality oil and regular servicing saves a lot of money in the long run,greg.
  4. thanks roy im brutal with computers but ill get my son [who knows everything!!!] to give it a shot.
  5. hi roy,i only purchased mine 3 months ago and only ever had the small screen option but your right as i remember seeing it on a pals full screen so maybe theres a way to change it.some one on here might have a solution as id like to have the full screen too.
  6. thanks steve,it was a great day and a lot of audis there but im still struggling to get the pics uploaded,me and computers dont get on!
  7. Great day today at a German show in the county of Cork. The weather really made it! Greg :]
  8. thanks lads,i dont have the touch pads,mine just has the buttons,so no jukebox for me!
  9. i have a 2016 a6 black edition would this have the tech pack?I like the idea of the jukebox!
  10. Thats sound advice steve,that happened to a friend of mine with an a4 and the putty destroyed the dpf.it turned into an expensive job then.greg
  11. its normally on a sticker in the spare wheel well,the sticker will have a lot of other codes on it too.its also on the inside of the owners manual giving all codes for the spec on your car,this includes the paint code.i hope this helps.greg
  12. A scary story adam and i can only imagine the stress and strain it put you under,it was a good outcome and credit to you for sticking with it and not letting the garage fob you off.greg.
  13. hi,if its any consolation these government bodies who deal with all this import paperwork usually know nothing about cars and have no passion for vintage or rare models,here in eire its the same,they seem to go out of their way to make it as hard as possible to import a car.you try to do it the proper way but they seem to enjoy asking for more pointless paperwork just when you think your sorted!greg.
  14. hi,i think you need to put up all the cars details and service history if your trying to look for a buyer here,also some pics too .greg
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