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Few concerning issues after purchase….


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Hey I just purchased an Audi S3 2018, sunroof, brembo brakes, stage 1 MRC w/gear box tune.. lovely spec! (370hp)

1. The rain recently has been crazy and as a result I have noticed that the roof lining area where the window sits was quite damp. Leaking water droplets inside the vehicle. I am quite concerned as the rain don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Is this something I should be hyper concerned about? Something common and an easy fix? (Fingers crossed!)




(I also get quite a bit of moisture on the windows when I come back into the car. I presume its related to this issue^)


2. This may seem like a daft question! But I have never owned a car of this power before.. is it normal that the cars transaction light flashes on and off when you put your  foot to the floor in dynamic sport mode? It’s like a swimming pool outside and I am sure I can get better rubber.. When the car is rolling it will flash once or twice and that’s it I am off. 


3. Launch control doesn’t seem possible for me. I could be doing it wrong! But when I watch people on YouTube launch this car it glides off perfectly. Where as when I do it, it just sort of glides left and right with the transaction control light flashing like crazy! While making some serious noise where it’s trying to move lol..


Other than this the car drives like a dream! Really fun, comfortable car with plenty of power.

I have got the car booked in Tuesday to be looked at by our local dealers who specialises in performance cars.


Just looking for advice as this is a completely different beast for me! 🙂

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Hello Ash,

Thanks for joining and posting your plea. 
Sunroof ? Too late for you now, and apologies for the pessimistic reply, but I would never again buy a car with a sunroof. These can be potential issue pit, and if they don’t actually leak - as yours does - then they become a source of rust issues in yeses to come.
Possibly simply blocked drains, and if so, it will possibly keep you involved in on going maintenance. 
Car misting up inside? Highly likely to be associated with the water ingress. 
This obviously needs to be brought to the attention of the selling dealer for rectification - hopefully you bought it from a dealer. 

The other questions relating to traction control:- 

Ash, can I start by asking you to confirm that you have checked and corrected tyre pressures and inspected the tyres for wear and matching quality brands on both axles?

Following comments that unfortunately you are not going to like:- 

‘Never owned a car with this power before’.

’Like a swimming pool outside’

’Flooring it’.

‘Launch control - glides left and right and traction control light goes crazy’.

Is this a wind up joke Ash?

I ask, because would anyone drive a new-to-them car in such a way on public roads in such appalling weather conditions? 

If the answer in your case is indeed -Yes - then I’m glad I don’t live anywhere in Cambridgeshire.

Probably doesn’t answer you question, but what are your realistic expectations with this car and it’s drivability on public roads. 
Apologies if these tests were done off road. 
Kind regards,



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Firstly I just want to point out which I should have done in the first place I was testing this car on private land at my uncles friends house and NOT on public roads. Apologies for not communicating that first.


I appreciate your comments with the sunroof! I guess the only way is to have the garage inspect the drains and such to make sure it’s draining correctly. I guess this sounds like a common issue then?


The tyres aren’t the best.. is there any recommendations for what tyres I should buy for the best grip?

Thank you.



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