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2018 Sportback (b() - Defective right rear brake light!!!!


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Hi all,

I've had a warning message pop up on my 2018 sportback (b9) - 'Right rear brake light defective'.

I've had a look at the rear and the rear light works when I put the lights on, the indicator works, but the brake light doesn't when I press the brake pedal.

Does anyone have any idea how to replace the brake light led? I've had a look online and can't seem to find any info!

There seems to be a bit of condensation/moisture in the housing (passenger side seems fine and works ok).


Thanks in advance

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Ok, so i've used my obdeleven scanner and done numerous output checks and itried the followi g:

  • All rear lights - all the lights except the right rear brake light were on
  • All left rear lights - all left rear lights were on and ok
  • All right rear lights - all right rear lights except the right rear brake light were on
  • All brake lights - ALL the brake lights were on INCLUDING the right rear brake light!

So the LEDs on the right brake lights are not blown which make me confused on how that can be!

The fault code on the scanner is:

B12C313 (Rear brake light bulb - open circuit), status: static


U112100 (Databus missing message), status: intermittent


Not sure if that helps anyone?!

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Ok, just an update for those who may have a similar problem....

I removed the rear light cluster and thought that I could open up the unit, but unfortunately not. It's a sealed unit, so you can't easily replace the leds, so I purchased a replacement cluster and so far the problem is fixed.

It seems that enough moisture go into the clutter to cause the fail.

It does seem that it's bad product design from Audi, especially the water channels where the tailgate/boot meets the taillight cluster. The rubber & plastic trim isn't water tight and water can get through!

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