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  1. You've done a great amount of diagnostic work already which is great. It could be a failing abs module, especially if it's flagging up as an issue on the diagnostic check or failing abs sensors
  2. Definitely avoid cheap sets and cheap ebay sets.
  3. Can't the vents be unscrewed or unclipped?
  4. Tats good then. I've got some for mine which I've still not fitted yet.
  5. If it's under the floor a lot of modules are under the passenger front footwell I believe.
  6. No probs. Sorry you're struggling to get one.
  7. If it's coming from china it could take ages.
  8. Welcome to the forum Chris you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch ☺️ I've done some road trips in my a6 which you'll find info on in the road trip section 👍
  9. You're welcome 😊 yea they're good quality products.
  10. Definitely speak to retrofitting companies in your area. Bluetooth could be installed via a parrot kit if you're looking the easy option.
  11. You've done what you can as you'll need it in black and white from the manufacturer in order for dvla to change it. Might be worth you looking at specialist car insurance like Adrian flux or footman James who specialise in oddities.
  12. Was the part number matching to the original one. A diagnostic check might be a good idea too.
  13. Yep it was 🙂 you could also look at rgm. My dad had one of their plastic bumper protectors on his Merc and was good quality.
  14. I have one just like that on my Ford kuga daily (my old a6 is in semi retirement lol). It looks good and does the job nicely. Comes with 3m tape but I'd advise using a little more tape then it comes with.
  15. Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch ☺️
  16. I don't believe it'll need to be coded. If you were to deactivate start stop permanently then that would have to be coded in via a diagnostic tool.
  17. Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch 🙂 I'd recommend just getting done universal rubber ones from Halfords. The vent next to the gearstick you might find is a coin or card holder depending on it's size.
  18. So sorry to hear that. Hope you have more luck with the others.
  19. I do wonder if it's glow plugs.
  20. Nice! 👍 Youll have to look at coming along to some of the shows. Have a look at the events section.
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