Hi guys Big question

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Hi guys i almost bought a 2012 a4 avant the other day but after doing a history check and getting dodgy details i just put a deposit on a 2013 audi a6 instead. Better choice in my opinion in terms on looks.

However while i havent test drove the a6 yet i did on the audi and noticed it was quiet weird when speeding up after thorough research i am putting this down to the multitronic gear box.

Now the a6 im after also has this what is you guys experience with the multitronic is a a bad system? Does it get better once you get use to it? What is the dis//advantages you have found and does it feel more like a modern auto when in s mode.

The one im looking to purchase is the 2.0tdi 177bhp multitronic se model. Also does se models come with mmi navigation plus. This is UK models

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