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  1. So – it's wet and cold here in Norfolk 😃 - and I have just collected the convertible from Norwich Audi, after having the oil pump drive replaced. Everything looked in good order once the sump was eventually removed (pics from my mate Kev)… The drive was pretty worn… …difficult to show in a pic… …but I am really glad I got it done. I'm content that this should now be good for another 100k miles or so… 😎 Amazing how a small part could cause chaos if it failed…
  2. OK - don't bite my head off - but from your description, this sounds suspiciously like a fuel blockage. Sudden loss of power; stops pulling; blockage clears; revs increase... 🤔
  3. Hi Mohammed, Thanks for the update. OK—seems you are on your own with this as far as Audi are concerned, so you need to work out a fix. If this was my car, I'd put a wire brush on my Dremel or drill, and expose all the metal around the rust spots under the bonnet. This should give you a good look at any underlying problem. Assuming you get down to good metal, with no holes or dents from below, I'd get a rattle can of primer, and another of your car's colour, and just respray the area (which needn't be more than a couple of inches (5cm) in diameter). If you find that the rust has formed from a dent from below, you're going to have to do some further investigating…
  4. Have you tried asking the vendor? If he's selling these regularly, this can't be the first time this question has come up... 🤔
  5. Thinking back, I was having trouble getting the other end of the hose to fit into the turbo (the end with the metal collar and spring clip). My buddy Dave came over to help - I was in the house, and he said, "I could see you were having trouble getting the end of the hose into the turbo - I've done it". I didn't take this to mean he'd tightened the clamp on the other end (which I'd not done, as I was sure I was going to need to remove it again to sort out why it didn't fit into the turbo), but we then got busy doing the fuel filter, oil change etc, and it must have slipped my mind. As you say, an easy fix - and a lesson learned to make sure you've finished all of the work before buttoning it all up. Took the car out with the hood down to have an alfresco breakfast with my mate Darren this morning - how many more weekends will we have nice enough weather to do so?
  6. Well, I eventually got around to looking at the car today (having been away on leave in the USA) - and found the problem straight away. I’d clearly not tightened the jubilee clip holding the hose from the front gallery to the turbo (this was the hose which had the split in it). Popped the hose back on, tightened the jubilee clip 🤦‍♂️ and did a test drive - good as new 😃
  7. I was a policeman for 10 years or so, then an RAF Fighter Controller for 18yrs. I then travelled a bit and have been working for the civil service (currently MoD) for the last 14 years. I'm partially retired and work a two-day week at home. I like to travel, by motorcycle where practicable, and write a daily report when I do & have about 8k regular readers... I've just got back from three weeks riding in Oregon, California and Nevada... Journal
  8. No pictures of the new hat? 🤨🤣😂🤣
  9. Genuine pair of fronts on eBay here for £57 🤔 EDIT - same seller has the rears here for £42.50 Don't know how that compares with dealer prices?
  10. Driving at 70mph this morning, when I get the (all too familiar) sensation of the loss of power, accompanied by the glow-plug light flashing...🤨 It happened about half a mile from home, inbound, so I just stopped when I got there and did a scan with the OBDEleven: Sure enough - it shows an air leak in the intake, plus a turbo under-boost. I put it in the garage and will get around to it when the weather is more amenable. Dammit! 🤨
  11. Was it as warm as it looks? 🥵 This chap seems to be making a statement… 😃
  12. Leave the engine off for 10 minutes, then check the dipstick (by taking it out, wiping it and then dipping it back in and pulling it out to check) - this will tell you what your oil level is.
  13. No Steve, both types were new parts. It seems that one is better quality than the other… Mike 😎
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