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  1. sc-em

    Ride height of a MK1 3.2

    The error code for one of the rear lambda sensors
  2. sc-em

    Ride height of a MK1 3.2

    Yes it seems to run fine and pulls nicely. Well, when the dsg lets it from 1st
  3. sc-em

    Ride height of a MK1 3.2

    Well my mate checked some voltages and suggested that there is a mismatch from the ecu to a good sensor and the one giving the fault code. This would suggest that the ecu may have a fault. However, being the remit of the garage, I didn't ask him to investigate any further until they have had a look
  4. sc-em

    Ride height of a MK1 3.2

    That would be my thought but at the moment the garage are still trying to get to the bottom of the emissions light that keeps coming back on, suggesting it is not merely a sensor.
  5. sc-em

    Ride height of a MK1 3.2

    I have been reading a few posts about this issue, as when I look at the back of mine, it seems to have an excessive gap between tyre and arch. I assume the springs that are on fit properly, but was wondering if there is a change of spring at some point in the MK1 history, that means they may be the wrong ones. I don't mind replacing them if it means the ride height will be lowered.
  6. sc-em


    Yes he can check it but i will see what they say first and then ask him to confirm. Are there really 4 lambda sensors?
  7. sc-em


    I didn't get around to changing the oil as I just gave it them back and asked them to sort as their own mechanic stated it didn't seem right after test driving. So we will see. I does drive like it needs a four wheel alignment, but that can be done later, if all else sorted. Something else that keeps reappearing is the emissions light. Apparently, the diagnostics stated a lambda sensor and so this was replaced on one bank. Then it came back on, again suggesting a lambda sensor. It has subsequently come back on so needless to say I have asked them to look into this. The garage says it could be another sensor. Is there really four of them? However, my garage mate is more sceptical and fears something more to it and that all that is being done is a reset of the light. I did point out that the emission must have passed the test for an MOT, but I guess this can be bypassed.
  8. sc-em


    Having been driving my TT for a few days now (snow not withstanding) I have noticed that on occasion when pulling away from junctions or at roundabout, when the car hardly comes to a stand still, there is a slight jolt when the car pulls away. Not always, just sometimes. Another oddity I noticed today, is that when i turn off the engine I can hear a slight sound of either air, or liquid being released from down in the passenger foot well side of the car. Almost imperceptible unless really quiet I had wondering if this was a release of the air con somehow, but I am not sure. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. sc-em

    What to do first?

    So, once I have sorted all the little issues out like the emissions light and got the gearbox oil changed on my '03 3.6, I was wondering what I should do next. I realise that as stock it is a very capable car, and that performance mods are probably not viable engine wise, so what is actually worth doing that makes a difference, but doesn't not mean the other half giving me grief to spending money on my new acquisition?
  10. sc-em

    Henry Westons Cider

    .Cider is not something I drink often. Maybe I should partake. I tend to drink wine in the house, lager at BBQs , real ale when out and I do like John Smith's cold mild. Which is very odd. On hols...anything cold!! Not forgetting a wee dram of single malt. Now there's a topic to pursue.
  11. sc-em


    I did go out briefly in the TT just to get some petrol. I certainly appears sure footed enough. Impressive.
  12. sc-em

    Redex fuel additives

    I was sceptical when I saw the video when I had my Celica 190, but I have to admit that after using it in a few tanks of fuel I have to say there was a definite difference in response and pick up. I had already done the usual plug change etc. I did also find that using decent petrol made a big difference. No surprise really, but my recent Aygos hardly showed a difference in what was put in.
  13. sc-em


    Unfortunately not. A bit disappointing. Lol Glad you're ok after your little tree escape, There are lots of them down on the Chase
  14. sc-em


    Every cloud! We are both teachers and our schools are closed, so a play in the 90 and walk the dogs over Cannock Chase.
  15. sc-em

    Lovin' it!

    Agreed. The 90 attracts stupid grinning waves from every other Defender/90 you pass. Besides, it will just keep going up in value. Already has since I got it.