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  1. Battery on my Audi q3 stop and go,not used enough during lock down,was going to charge battery with my old Ctek charger was informed not to use old charger that it would destroy battery,and to purchase ct5 stop and start ctek charger.
  2. Thanks Gareth for the info.I have been informed that if battery fails it will be replaced by a VARTA.Kind regards James.
  3. Hello Gareth.The make of the battery is MOLL I’ve had no trouble with it so far..I googled moll they filed for insolvency in March 2020.Kind regards.James.
  4. Hi Gareth,The q3 is fitted with a German battery I’ve read reports that they are crap,I know ime covered under warranty,I don’t want them to fit a likewise battery if the original fails.Thanks for your interest.James.
  5. Best battery for 2019 Audi q3 35tfsi auto stop and go.
  6. Wanted space saver spare wheel for. Audi q3tfsi 35.auto year 2019 .Where can I purchase and what price.
  7. Recommend independent audi and vw dealer FORGE GARAGE Aberaeron Ceredigion Wales.
  8. Hi.Rich . Glad it’s sorted.
  9. Hi Rich . Has your satnav been activated.
  10. Hi Rich.Dealer told me never remove sdcard once activated if you do sdcard will have to be activated again.ime not sure if that is correct.better to be on the safe side.Good luck with yours.
  11. Hi.Rich.Satnav up and running well worth the wait.
  12. Dealer goin to activate Thursday.ill let you know how it goes.
  13. Hya Rich.Have you found someone to activate satnav.
  14. Hya rich.sd card will have to be activated by Audi main dealer or an independent Audi dealer.My independent Audi dealer has the equipment to do it.There is a charge for doing it. ive been a customer with the dealer for 20 years and bought several cars from him he won’t charge me for this.The car was advertised with satnav so he was obliged to sort it out .Should be the same with your dealer.Best of luck.
  15. Light at the end of the tunnel.
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