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  1. Scott1906

    How was your day?

    Woke up bright and early on my day off, made me & the mrs a good old fry up before she went to work then had a nice relaxing morning. Later on I hit the gym after which I went on some epic drives around my local country roads, and got back just in time to pick the nephew up from a uni visit he was doing with college. Fair to say his mates were impressed with the R8... can't blame them really 🤣 Oh, and the day's not even over! Even better. How was everyone else's day?
  2. Scott1906


    Welcome to the forum mate, the A4 is a stunner in those photos 😉 Glad you're enjoying it.
  3. There you go mate, I'm a little late on this but have filled one in for you anyway. Hope it helps! Good luck with the dissertation buddy. 🙂
  4. Scott1906

    Dash Cams?

    So, just as a little update, I did some more searching around and ended up splashing out on the best possible dash cam I could find. I had a look at some Mio dash cams which look excellent but I don't really need the sat nav feature, so I decided to stick with Thinkware. Expensive little piece of kit but well worth the money. Funnily enough I found the RAC has a shop which sells them - weird, but a decent price. I'll post an update to this thread should this F800 fail to satisfy my needs, but it doesn't seem likely. Never felt safer on the roads! Thanks for the responses fellas, much appreciated. Scott.
  5. Scott1906


    It's a shame we don't live in a world where it's seen as "macho" and "cool" to follow what we've been taught and to follow the rules of driving in order to ensure both our own safety and the safety of those around us when sharing the roads at dangerously high speeds... Oh well. I'm thinking about moving to a little island and enforcing my own driving laws, as well as making not indicating and tailgating punishable by execution. What's more macho than not indicating? Beheading those who don't indicate! 🙂😉🙂 Cheers for the reply Gareth.
  6. Scott1906


    Around my area it seems me and a handful of other drivers are the only people who use them! Have they stopped teaching people how to use them in driving lessons or something?? Seems so.
  7. Scott1906


    ...Are these magical things on your car to INDICATE to other drivers which direction you intend to drive. Honestly -- is it illegal to not indicate? Do any police on here ever book anyone for not indicating? I'm SICK to DEATH. I was very very nearly involved in a collision over the weekend due to some careless "driver" failing to properly indicate. I'm very lucky that I was able to react in time and am also lucky have a dash cam in case a situation like this ever actually turns into a crash. Some people really do take the fun out of driving. If it were on old driver or new driver in my position I assure you all this would have been a very nasty crash.
  8. Scott1906

    Henry Westons Cider

    Dangerous game you're playing there my friend haha
  9. Scott1906

    Dash Cams?

    Hi Piotr, cheers for the response mate. Has it really lasted you that long? That sounds way better than what I'd expected. If you've ever owned any other dash cams, how does it compare? Cheers, Scott.
  10. Scott1906

    Houston we have a problem

    Glad to see it's all been sorted for you Marty. £30 is great as well - knew it would be a relatively cheap fix. I'll be looking forward to seeing a mod thread from you once you get started no that. 😉
  11. Scott1906

    Dash Cams?

    Ah okay - cheers for the feedback. Nextbase make pretty similar dash cams within the same sort of price range but some of the reviews I've seen are mixed. On the one hand there's people saying they're amazing and high quality but on the other hand there's people saying they're inconsistent and buggy. Has anyone reading this ever purchased/owned one? Would love to hear an opinion from this forum...
  12. Scott1906

    Dash Cams?

    Excellent stuff. I think that may be one of the most upmarket dash cams I've seen around at the moment, the reviews all seem to be full of praise too. Have you ever owned any other dash cams?
  13. Scott1906

    Dash Cams?

    Cheers for the reply Paul mate. How much was it and where did you buy them from?
  14. Scott1906

    Dash Cams?

    So, I've been looking to replace my dash cam for the past week or so now. Not really a much-needed upgrade or anything, just giving my current Thinkware f100 dash cam to my nephew as a gift for passing his test. Excellent bit of kit and it's served me well, but now that I'll be purchasing a new one, I'm looking at getting the best on the market I can possibly get. I feel as though once you get up to a certain price range of vehicle, depending on what it is, a dash cam is a must-have really. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been doing plenty of research myself, just keen to see what suggestions people have here in the club. As I'm looking at purchasing a high end dash cam I feel it's important to hear what others have to say rather than just reading (usually paid) reviews etc. I expect this will give a more realistic picture as to what I'm spending my money on. I'll also let you guys know what I think of whatever dash cam I end up buying. Cheers in advance lads, Scott.
  15. Scott1906

    Autonomous flying Audi

    Very interesting stuff! I love future concepts and depictions of what motoring/transport may look like in years to come. I'm calling it now that there'll still be people in the year 2197 who still don't indicate haha. If you ask me, there will come a time after which motorists will look back on us using roads to travel on and will laugh and think of us as living in the dark ages! Similar to when we look back on medicine or surgery pre-Germ Theory and laugh at how silly people could be for operating on patient after patient without even washing their dirty tools/aprons/gloves...