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  1. Scott1906

    Budget Tyres on High-End Cars?? WHY??

    Hi Gareth, I'm glad you understand! I'm not usually one for a rant but this topic has been in my mind since the weekend, and I guess it just sort of erupted this morning... lol. It does however annoy me when you see a wealthy, young driver in an A Class or a BMW who clearly has no idea about cars or driving, has never cared to teach themselves anything more about said topics, and who clearly hasn't earned a penny of the money spent on their car which almost definitely came from the bank of mum & dad. But I guess that's just the unfair nature of life. I guess I just assumed that this R8 driver was one of the uneducated types. As I mentioned in my reply to Steve, it was a 2016 plate meaning the driver can't have looked at their tyres since... well, ever really. I do feel bad for the lad if it was the dealer's doing though. Anyway, I appreciate the reply! As well as the understanding for my grumpiness haha. Cheers, Scott.
  2. Scott1906

    Budget Tyres on High-End Cars?? WHY??

    Hmm I can see what you mean, but you'd think people who own cars as costly as R8s would know at least a bit about tyres, tyre brands, etc... And let's not forget that this R8 was a 2016 plate, like my own. Meaning if the dealer is the culprit then the driver must not have looked at their tyres in... Two years? It's unfortunate that dealers (ESPECIALLY main dealers) would be so careless as to put budget tyres on such a beautiful car 😢 I actually feel inclined to start a movement which spreads awareness about taking proper care of your R8!
  3. I was driving down to see the in-laws last weekend and noticed something incredibly strange which, if I'm honest, annoyed me quite a bit. In the village in which the other half's parents live, I saw a 2016 R8 (like my own). Now, a beautiful motor like this shows that you must take incredible care of your cars and that you must be incredibly into cars if you're willing to spend that amount of money on one. You'd think, right? Well, apparently not. This person was driving an R8 with some awful budget tyres on - called "Autogrip" or something like that. These go for £70-80 at best. ??? I'm sitting here at these traffic lights thinking: if you've got a car like that... why treat it like crap with some god awful budget tyres which are only ever suitable for tiny little city cars? Seriously. An R8 with those sorts of tyres? Budget tyres are not safe at all and last about 3 seconds max before you have to replace them again. What's the point? Before purchasing my R8 I knew fine well that I was prepared to splash out as much cash as I needed to ensure every aspect of the vehicle was the best it could be. This investment of money ensures a healthy, long lasting car which should retain more of its value for longer. Now, I know not everyone will have the cash to splash. But seriously? I'd rather get a less expensive car and take proper care of it instead of trying to fool everyone with a flashy car and treating it like crap. As a general rule of thumb, when replacing my tyres I ALWAYS stick to Audi original equipment tyres. Currently have Pirelli P Zero I bought from the asda tyres website. Why? Because they're safe, comfortable, will last me YEARS, and most importantly, are MADE by Audi FOR Audi cars. Apologies for the ranty nature of this post... Someone please try to convince me why this isn't such a bad thing... If you even can...
  4. Scott1906

    R8 TRV - Registration For Sale

    Did you find out if anyone's interested in this?