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  1. Hi Gareth. i have made the arrangements to have the oil and oil filter changed ( just for peace of mind). Hope it helps others as well. All the best . Adrian
  2. Hi all . new to the forum , but I want to help out . i have an A7 Black Edition 2013 . 80000miles the car was on lease and the services done with the lease company. Just decided last weekend to change the polen and air filter ( been doing this to all my cars when bought , full service). paid 19000£ for the car this January .i have the full service history , but the polen and air filter hasn’t been changed. When I took them out the filters was full with dirt , bugs and stuff. i would recommend all of you to double check your filters 2 you never know what you will find in there. hope it will help you guys. i have attached some photos. Take care all .
  3. Cheers. i can hear the sound ( and the voice) . The garage guy connected the wires on the left side panel , he done a brilliant job ( you can’t see any cables , Maine the utr has a problem with the parking mode 🤔🤔. ( paid 280£ on EBay, and 80£ to install at a local garage) .) thanks Mylifesablast .
  4. Hi guys. I have my Audi A7 (2013 reg black edition) that comes with 201hp ( or 204 some say) . I’m looking for a remap ( it just that the car is heavy and it will help a bit more power, especially when I have others in the car , and the fuel economy ) . Some said Not recommended , some said is good if you don’t use it in excess. any pro and cons???
  5. Hi . I have my UTR installed also . The video quality (front and back ) is quite good. The only problem is that it doesn’t record in parking mode, I think the garage man did it like that so it doesn’t use the battery . Is yours recording in parking mode ?