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Found 24 results

  1. Hey Guys, Help needed please. Have a temperamental Audi a7 that starts fine "sometimes" then other times kicks up a ESP fault alarm and wont start. once this alarm shows i get a host of other random alarms also TPMS fault Gearbox Malfunction Parking Brake Headlight range control then when i switch off the car, lock it and reopen and switch on it will start most times and the alarms are no longer showing. when the car is running it runs fine. I have replaced the battery and cleared the alarms in the car but the same problems persist. This car had a new gearbox and engine seals also done by audi over the last 2 years. other parts replaced where the brake disks, pads, wishbones, track arms, grease boots. general service wear and tear stuff. HHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP Please! 😫 Cheers Guys
  2. 4x Audi A7 (2011-17) 17" Wheels and Winter Tyres Pirelli SottoZero Winter 210 Serie II 235/55 R17 99H 5-6mm on each Wheels - part 4G8 601 025H 7Jx17H2 ET25 5x112 Caps - part 4F0 601 165 £200
  3. Hi everyone! So I’ve not long had my Audi A7 (2011) and summer is officially over and rain seems to be a regular thing now.. Unfortunately for me the windows are frameless and whenever I open them a sheet of water likes to drop in. I quite like to vape while I drive so I have been looking at getting some wind deflectors. My question to anyone that might be able to help is how effective are the wind deflectors for the A7? Only a handful available online and it’s a lot of money to spend on a bit of plastic.. When I open the doors the windows only drop a little bit so surely the deflectors have to be quite shallow? Has anyone seen deflectors on an A7 and if so how well do they work and do they actually look any good?? Mines currently fully blacked out so shouldn’t be a problem shouldn’t have thought. thanks 🙂
  4. Hi All, Sorry my first comment on here is a negative one but I really need your help with issues with my Audi A7. I have owned it for a month and it is a Audi A7 TDi 2011. While driving on the motorway on a dry day, I have had a load of warning signals come up on my dashboard. The warning signals are as follows; ABS, TPMS failure, ESP, Auto/Start Stop disabled, vehicle parked too steep. The thing is, the car drives as it should apart from the start stop technology, handbrake works ok but the computer says it doesn't. I've tried a few searches which state it could be the ABS sensors that need cleaning or replacing? I have had a print out of the warning codes from the AA which are as follows; U111300 U101700 U111100 U112300 U107700 Please help as I am thinking mu already expensive purchase might cost even more :( Im based in Luton should anyone know a good mechanic. Thanks in advance
  5. Reluctantly selling pristine Audi A7 I've had since new March 2017. Stunning looking car & keenly priced at ONLY £24,750 ono. All genuine enquiries welcome based Leicestershire UK. IMMACULATE 1 Owner Car FULL Service History 12 Months MOT LOW Mileage (26,500) UNMARKED Metallic Paintwork LEATHER Interior 21" RS Alloys CHEAPEST Price With Spec In UK (AutoTrader)
  6. Got two discs I bought a few months back for a car I no longer have. OIEO £350
  7. Placed an order three weeks ago for a new A7 55 TFSI S-Line (with a few goodies ☺️).. At the time, the dealer told me that the petrol engine was still awaiting WLTP ratification, but the diesels were already through.. I signed the WLTP 'disclaimer' that essentially allows me to claim back my deposit if I'm not happy with the new WLTP emission figures. (Not that anybody who buys a 3 litre petrol is going to have economy high on his or her list of priorities.) Anyway.. The order has appeared on the 'Your Audi' website, but has yet to move on from the Welcome stage. I think I know the answer to this, but has anybody out there got any inside information as to when the 55 TFSI engine will complete the WLTP process? At the time of ordering, the dealer seem to think the delivery date would be January, but could change either to earlier or later. But having the patience of a schoolboy, I need to know more than that! 😀
  8. Hi all, Can anybody guide me how/where to get a replacement for Front Driver Side Door Handle Key Hole Trim Cover For Audi A7, thank you in advance,
  9. So, sick and tired am I of coming back and finding the most broken/busted up up typically two door Corsa or Renault Clio parked next to me. I park so far away from a store front yet, 'someone' always tends to be right next to me when I get back. I wouldn't mind as much , one individual parked so close I couldn't get in the drivers side (P££s taker), that said there were nearly 100 empty spaces. Only to find it was an 80 yr some odd old lady who said she was having difficulty in parking..Whaaaaaat!!! :|) Anyway for no reason than that, I have finally succumbed to ensuring whomesoever whacks, prangs or clouts the A7 I want it captured, such is the paranoia of not wanting a 'fast repair' company to sort out the open door crease in the side of the car. and to keep my No Claims Down if I really have to claim. Anyway my first place was flEbay - there have some decent deals at the mo, looks like Audi got a boat load they need to shift. I am now going to reside into darkened room whilst I plan my install - once I see words like remove A pillar, b pillar c pillar im capable but not daft I wanna trash the internals. I have attached the preparation list below - if anyone else is up for the challenge - I'm going to definitely try to not to pay Audi £360 for two hours labour The install instruction refer to other instructions which I guess are AUDI technician references - damn I need them #232504331893 is where I got mine including wiring harness, front and rear camera and "installation instructions but not fitters instructions - I made a best offer :) saved £10 So if anyone else taking on this task gimme a shout please, when I install Ill do my best to document and take pics as I do it. (just not today)
  10. MR_R

    Help Please!!!

    Hi New member. I have a 2010 Audi A7 Quattro 7 speed. I have owned the car for a few years and been very happy with it. I came across a gearbox issue where the car said it was ok to continue driving. I tried my local garage and he couldn't find out the problem. I then had a limp mode issue so decided to get it into the Audi Dealership. They have come back with a Turbo issue, oil leak and a gearbox issue possibly the mechatronic but not 100% sure. The bill was going to be something I will not mention needless to say it wasn't worth pursuing. I was offered £150 to scrap the car which was very distressing, its in really good condition and I don't believe the car will be that expensive to repair outside the dealer network. I really don't know whether to chase down the problems and pay for each problem or cut my losses. Has anyone heard of these problems before? Do some specialists buy cars in this state? any advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks Mark (Bristol area)
  11. Just bought a 2012 3.0 TDI A7, I know its already perfect but even perfect can be perfected, any advice as to where to start, with regards to fuel efficiency increaseas well as power? and helpful garages in the south west to implement these changes wouldn't go amiss. Thanks Ant
  12. Some of you may have the pleasure of a bi-turbo or a factory active speaker or your A7's I dont :( Ok, so not that Im a hooligan, I got given a 320 bi-turbo A6 estate whilst my A7 was in for couple of post sale issues (another day maybe). Oh my word, did feel like I was going to get a pull - have my collar felt. It just seems as soon as I found the "other" loud button - not the big one on the floor everything within 100yds scattered for cover. And no I didn't get bored of opening it up under the M6 toll bridges with the windows down I had an A6 all road (the burble was amazing) which needing no introducing to the neighbours when I came down the road after work at 2 In the morning. So I have thought about my summer wish list, as I do expect to keep the A7 for at least another year, that is if a better RS6 Avant is released So have opened some discussions with the gentleman at CETE Automotive in Germany, trying to find out a little more about this system they have. Whilst I am aware of another company called Kufatec, I dont believe Kufatec provide a system for A7's with Ad blu, not sure why but I recall reading somewhere that it wasn't supported. If anyone has any experience of this kinds of tech , feedback here would be greatly appreciated This the system the guy from CETE has suggested - see link, saying it is fully compatible with my specification car
  13. Hi all, Finally got the time to get some proper pictures of the beige beasty. Hope you like, hoping to make some of the meet ups next year. Cheers Mark
  14. Hi All, Now spent a couple of days with my new A7 and still cannot believe its parked on the drive... Couple of questions though,,, the spare key needed a new battery which I have replaced but the car doesn't recognise it. Have tried several youtube and online hints at how to reprogramme it but none have worked - will try the one that was posted on here when I get home but not holding much hope. Any one had this or got round it without using an Audi main dealer ? I contacted Audi to be told that my local garage, Chingford, can't do anything til the end of July and now have it booked in at the end of June at Harold Wood.. Just for a 30min appointment to have the key reprogrammed!! Is this usual for an Audi booking ?? Also I am toying with the idea of getting the car mapped - currently the 245bhp version any ideas of the sort of cost just to stage 1 do not quite need to likes of Kim Collins, I don't think.... Thanks for your time. Mark
  15. Hi all, just signed up, though don't have the Audi yet. Should be getting my 2012 A7 in the next week (or so) after the current owner has the mot and any recommended works done :) Cheers Mark
  16. Hello! Recently i filmed a video of the new 2017 A7 Sportback Black Edition. Please check it out it is an awesome car.
  17. I need to replace the Yokohama tyres that I have on my A7 S line BiTDI (165 / 35 / R20) and would like some advice on the best replacements based on other peoples experience. Pirelli P Zero's seem to be a pretty good price, but I have read that they are quite noisy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi everyone, This is my third audi, I've previously had a TTS, Audi A6 Le Mans quattro and now this beast. It's an A7 3.0 biturbo TDi (313PS) Black Edition, fully loaded with extras. I've put up some pics, I love it! Gecko
  19. Hi Guys Keen to know how I can update the 3G MMI system without having to go to Audi (my local Audi are awful) and without having to spend a mental amount on maps update via 3rd party. I'm wanting a complete update with Nav update or atleast a bluetooth update (bluetooth keeps dropping in and out if the phone is in my pocket during music streaming). I tried to use the 2015 bluetooth update on the Audi website but it wouldn't work. Any help is appreciated, I've read other forums but they are either too complicated (and I'm not that stupid) or generally it's Americans or Mainland Europeans doing the update, looking for UK experience). Thanks Chris
  20. Hi all I've read on multiple forums about upgrading A7 sub and adding an amp to power it. I have the standard Audi speakers (no Bose, no B&O). I know what I need but does anyone know how to install? I know about the OEM sub woofer area is very small, just want to know about how to wire to get power and music feed. thanks
  21. Hey guys new to the forum but keen to get people a bit more active about talking about their A7s good or bad. I've just bought mine, upgraded from an A5 petrol (with the doomed engine). Very impressed with the drive and comfort, certainly smoother. I don't have folding mirrors or Bose but would be keen to retrofit myself. It does have 21" Rs6 2016 wheels (they're optional for the A7 now but in 20s, interested on trading or someone buying these, I like the older RS style wheels (5 spoke made up of 3 spokes). Chris
  22. Hi All, Just a quick introduction, my name is Dodge from a small village in West Sussex. I recently purchased a white 2011 A5 TFSI but after a few oil issues I made the decision to trade it for a highly specced out gloss black 2010 A7 3.0 TDI SE - best decision ever! I'll be frequenting this bountiful fountain of knowledge a lot, as I now have a rekindled passion for cars. Out of curiosity are there any other A7 owners from Sussex on here? thanks Dodge
  23. Hi All I'm selling the family car, which will be available from 4th March. The car has been amazing, the best I've had, but other projects mean it has got to go. I've been amazed how cheap it is to run for the size, broadly similar to a Saab 9-3 TTid I had before, and 5 years after they came out it still gets attention for its looks. See below for details, I will add more photos when I get back to the UK next week, but thought I would put up what I have now to gauge interest. Audi A7 S Line Quattro, metallic silver, 3.0 lt diesel with 204 hp with the S Tronic gearbox. 5 seat version, 61 plate (Jan 2012) 57443 miles and full Audi service history (including 40k gearbox il change) , 2 owners and will have a full MOT with full price. I have a transferable Audi warranty until June, and the car is on a service plan so the next is free. Two new tyres fitted, there others are still good, and a set of 4 snow tyres on steel rims is included also (see photo), only a few k on them, lots of tread left. Lots of time spent bombing around the Alps in 6" of snow, never got stuck, snow chains never been used! PM for more info or any questions, happy viewing!
  24. His guys I've recently purchased an Audi A7 but unfortunately it's got the basic sound system does anyone know if the upgraded Bose speakers will fit or will the door cards need changing etc