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  1. Great spec, I hope you're enjoying it and trust you got a decent discount. I've had the Audi UTR fitted, front only as they wouldn't install the rear one due to the manual sunroof.
  2. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me and your advise, I will take this up with Audi tomorrow, if i can trouble you for the better pics it would be greatly appreciated as I can use that to argue should I need. BR,
  3. Pics of my UTR, the only thing that concerns me is the gap between the roof trim and the windscreen, I can slide my fingers in there whereas on the drivers side it is affixed properly (naturally as the power cable is not routed on this side). Is it worth taking it back to Audi and asking them to fix this or is this expected?
  4. Hi Peter, I'm loving it, it's a huge leap forward from my A6 C7 245 Quattro, I think I'm getting older as I did purchase the A6 brand new for £60K+ but lost an eye watering £49K when I traded it in! I guess that is expected after running it for 6yrs+ and 85Kmiles. This time my head (and her indoors!) just wouldn't allow me to go brand new. You are right, it is pot luck though with nearly new, I think I was really lucky with the car I found, it has a few other toys like full leather pack, heated steering wheel, acoustic glazing - I think the previous owner just ticked almost everything! :) Good luck and I hope your car comes in much earlier, the wait can be agonisingly long!
  5. Good to know, I managed to find a nearly new one that fits the bill, A7 55 TFSI , Air Suspension, Tour Pack, City Pack, Comfort & Sound Pack, HUD, I would've preferred 21" wheels but 20" will probably be better in terms of comfort, costs etc... :)
  6. Out of interest, how does WLTP affect the A7 55 TFSI that is in their forecourts?