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    Show and shine, love a nice sunny day to wash the car and go for a cruise
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  1. AlexI97

    London Audi Meet up?

    Sounds great, Ace cafe could be quite expensive I know about the prices there! but none the less a great place to meet but many great surrounding areas too
  2. AlexI97

    The Audi Modifications Section

    HI Would strongly recommend a remap and Performance air filter replacement, done this to my car and transformed the feel of it by quite a bit.
  3. AlexI97


    Love it :)
  4. AlexI97

    Motorsport Events

    Hi It may take a while to get the ball rolling, but for the 2019 calendar if anyone is interested in helping me plan for some meets, track days and car shows please get involved I may not be able to attend every single event but would like to do some that would be a good day out and maybe establish a group of regulars. If you would have any suggestions please don't hesitate to put them forward. Current ideas which I will be attending, Silverstone classics, Le Mans 24 hour, Trax modified meet, Enfield pageant of motoring and maybe more. I look forward to hearing from some other enthusiasts like myself Thanks for reading Alex :)
  5. AlexI97

    Enfield Pageant Of Motoring

    Hi all I would happily join you for this event I have been going for years with the triumph club but I now own an Audi so would be great to get in on some club meets