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  1. We was in the green section, there was only two cars for our whole group haha! :( but it was still really good!
  2. I haven't been on the forum for a while lol and just seen this, Awesome! :D
  3. Same, I'm still a bit hesitant on the new grill
  4. Haha, I thought I'd get a comment like this :P
  5. We've finally had snow today in london! haha
  6. HI all Been a while hope all Are okay, Spend most of my Admin time on facebook lol So whats everyone's thought on the new Audi A6 then? https://www.topgear.com/car-news/first-look/behold-noticeably-sportier-audi-a6-saloon
  7. Hi Ken Welcome to the forum! :D Kind Regards Bradley
  8. Hi Have you taken the head unit out and made sure all connections securely in?
  9. Hi All I have done one similar to this but I wanted to know what are the common issues on the 2008-2010 Petrol A5? Any particular mileage I should look out for that might bring some issues with it? Thanks for you info :) Regards Bradley
  10. Welcome to the PC master race :P
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