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Found 208 results

  1. Hi everyone! So I’ve not long had my Audi A7 (2011) and summer is officially over and rain seems to be a regular thing now.. Unfortunately for me the windows are frameless and whenever I open them a sheet of water likes to drop in. I quite like to vape while I drive so I have been looking at getting some wind deflectors. My question to anyone that might be able to help is how effective are the wind deflectors for the A7? Only a handful available online and it’s a lot of money to spend on a bit of plastic.. When I open the doors the windows only drop a little bit so surely the deflectors have to be quite shallow? Has anyone seen deflectors on an A7 and if so how well do they work and do they actually look any good?? Mines currently fully blacked out so shouldn’t be a problem shouldn’t have thought. thanks 🙂
  2. Hey Guys, Help needed please. Have a temperamental Audi a7 that starts fine "sometimes" then other times kicks up a ESP fault alarm and wont start. once this alarm shows i get a host of other random alarms also TPMS fault Gearbox Malfunction Parking Brake Headlight range control then when i switch off the car, lock it and reopen and switch on it will start most times and the alarms are no longer showing. when the car is running it runs fine. I have replaced the battery and cleared the alarms in the car but the same problems persist. This car had a new gearbox and engine seals also done by audi over the last 2 years. other parts replaced where the brake disks, pads, wishbones, track arms, grease boots. general service wear and tear stuff. HHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP Please! 😫 Cheers Guys
  3. Hey all, I hope you are all well? I am really enjoying this TT Black edition, the B&O sound system is awesome! I hope you all enjoy this Audi TT Black Edition video 🙂
  4. Hi all thought I'd start a thread for funny picture's (Audi related or not) Post some funny stuff here! "Did someone say Audi?"
  5. Hi all, I’m new to the forum. I would appreciate your help. I’ve just bought an A4 Avant 40TFSI. It’s a 2019 model, bought used from the local Audi dealer. As most of you know, newer Audis don’t come with a spare wheel (not even a space saver one). The only thing supplied is an inflatable kit which is pretty much useless and it also ruins the tyre if used, which means you have to purchase a new tyre every time you have a puncture. I have asked the dealer if I can order a space-saver tyre. He made some enquiries and the response was: “AUDI are not sure if it’s possible and also if it will even fit, as modifications might be needed. If you have a puncture, call breakdown service!”. Not sure what to think of that… Apparently the reason AUDI have removed the spare tyre is to reduce emissions… I drive a lot for work and it wold be very inconvenient to call breakdown service and wait to be towed to the nearest garage just to repair a puncture. I’d like to be able to put the spare tyre on and carry on with my journey. The tyres are 245/40/R19 (19 inch alloys). I had a look online and it seems that the Hankook T125/70/R19 space saver tyre is the one suited for this size. The only problem is that the boot space is very tight. There is potentially some room if I remove the pump box (which I will happily do if I can fit the spare tyre there), but the rectangular battery might be a problem, as it seems to obstruct the round shape of the tyre. Also, the battery cables run through the grooves and are not easy to move / bend. I took a photo to give you an idea of the space. Before I go ahead and purchase a tyre I wanted to ask if anyone had the same problem and if you have found a solution, i.e if it’s possible to fit a space saver tyre over the battery (and if so, are there any mods or extra components required ). Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Steve
  6. Second hand, but VGC. Genuine Audi/VW part. £60 ono.
  7. Hello Hello, I hope everyone had a good Christmas? My friend recently got his TTS tuned with an APR kit (stage 1) and it is very fast. Managing 14mpg though... I made a video on his TTS if anyone wants to check it out? Thomas
  8. Hi All, Sorry my first comment on here is a negative one but I really need your help with issues with my Audi A7. I have owned it for a month and it is a Audi A7 TDi 2011. While driving on the motorway on a dry day, I have had a load of warning signals come up on my dashboard. The warning signals are as follows; ABS, TPMS failure, ESP, Auto/Start Stop disabled, vehicle parked too steep. The thing is, the car drives as it should apart from the start stop technology, handbrake works ok but the computer says it doesn't. I've tried a few searches which state it could be the ABS sensors that need cleaning or replacing? I have had a print out of the warning codes from the AA which are as follows; U111300 U101700 U111100 U112300 U107700 Please help as I am thinking mu already expensive purchase might cost even more :( Im based in Luton should anyone know a good mechanic. Thanks in advance
  9. For sale - £5,500 I am reluctantly selling my Audi TT 1.8 Quattro 225ps 2002 - Phanthom Black, Black Leather (225 bhp engine) as I have a little one arriving and it's time to buy a family car. Car details & pics below. I am based in Essex. Email me if interested; Details; Immaculate condition, well looked after. Only 3 owners since production. 85.2k mileage, full service history (with receipts), recently serviced in 08/2020. Audi 18" RS4 alloys, Xenon headlights with wash system, 4WD, black leather, heated front seats, AWD coupe, phantom black metallic with black leather sports interior and brushed aluminium dashboard trim, sports leather steering wheel, Audi concert RDS radio/CD player, stability and traction control, Audi anti-theft alarm and immobiliser, electric windows, air conditioning and electric climate control, electrically adjusted/heated door mirrors, remote central locking, tool kit, spare wheel, set of 2 keys, all documents and user handbook. Very rare to find one in this condition. See pictures.
  10. Hi everyone! Looking for an Audi A4 B6 Avant Quattro with the 1.9 PD130 engine for sale. Ideally located in Scotland or north of England as I myself am located in north east Scotland. Been keeping an eye out on Gumtree, Ebay, Autotrader and various other online car sale websites for a while now and can't seem to find one up for sale. Lots of saloon quattro B6's but not an Avant which I'm after. If anyone's got one for sale or knows anybody that has got one for sale can you please let me know. My email address is or just post it down below. Thanks a lot!
  11. Hi, complete newbie to the site and just hoping for some help with a strange issue. Firstly, after hours of searching I can’t seem to find anyone who has the same problem as I’m getting, so seems rare. My cars has just had a MeyleHD full suspension kit fitted, plus new coil overs. about 3 months after this my car failed mot on the front upper control arms, mainly the rear ones. They literally moved up and down a CM in the socket of the upright. So these were replaced for another pair of control arms, same thing happened 3 months later, passed mot when fitted but failed again inside 3 months. Loose in the ball joint socket. Note that the ball joints themselves have not failed, the arm itself is moving where the pinch bolt should have grabbed it. Has anyone had anything like this? Or any ideas on how to overcome without buying new uprights?... Any help would be greatly appreciated as everywhere I look I hit a dead end :/
  12. Hi, Does anybody know how I can change the small display (as circled in the attached image) to show me how many miles remaining in my tank. I have tried to press the right stalk but that only resets the trip counter. I have also tried to hold the right stalk and it also resets the trip counter. I have tried pulling the right stalk and that does nothing. At the moment the display is showing me the speed, however I don't know how I got it to show this as previous it was showing ">ne<". Regardless, all I want to know is how to change this display to show me the fuel range. I am driving a 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TDI S Line. It comes with the multi function steering wheel and also the Audi Navigation Plus head unit. Not sure whether I use either of those to change it but if you guys could please help.
  13. I've recently bought eibach pro kit 35mm front 30mm rears, for my audi a4 b8.5 black edition. For some reason it looks the same as stock, infact the rears looks more higher than my original springs. been driving like this for a day now nothing has changed. Anyone had any similar issues? And know how it can be fixed? Thanks.
  14. For the last six months plus, while driving at any speed or any gear, random power losses/misfires for one or two seconds, with no pattern sometimes it does not do it for days and sometimes does it three times in a fourteen mile journey, with rev counter dropping and returning to normal again. Sometimes when accelerating from a stand still at a traffic light when I move off, the car seems to do what I can only describe as a huge misfire, I feel a large thud from the engine and the vehicle jerks forward violently then acts normal again so I can drive. Vehicle has had a minor Audi service March 2017b (also full Audi service history). 29thApril I fitted a brand new original Audi original part fuel filter. It seemed to improve things but.... I still see the random power loss/miss fires stutter. Straight after fuel filter change vehicle put on a computer, codes came up P0087 and P1093. (Re computer codes picture attached)Reference code P0087 I googled results; causes of a P0087 trouble code may include: Weak fuel pump, clogged filter or screen, restricted fuel supply line Faulty fuel pump driver module Faulty fuel pressure sensor.Reference code P1093; - Bank 1; Fuel Measuring System 2: MalfunctionPossible SymptomsPower LossMisfire(s)StallingPossible CausesFuel Pressure insufficient/exceed/fluctuatingFuel Pump (High Pressure System) faultyFuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276) faultyPossible SolutionsCheck Fuel Pressure (on FSI engines High and Low Fuel Pressure System)Check Fuel Pump (High Pressure System)Check Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276)Check Fuel Filter and Filter in Fuel Pump CasingSpecial NotesWhen found in 2.0l TFSI<>: * Check Fuel Pressure<> * Check TSB/TPI 2008753 (Rest of World), incompatibility between Fuel Pressure Regulator Valve (N276) and ECU software. * When found in conjunction with Misfires and Lean fault codes, check RVUTB: 01-09-03 or 2018919 (NAR only) 2.0T (BPY), for updated Crankcase Breather Valve * If the breather valve is faulty, full engine vacuum is typically found when removing the oil cap at idleMaybe possibly need a new breather valve, high pressure fuel pump/cam follower, or fuel pressure sensor. I've booked my vehicle to go to Audi specialist Les Paul's for first time and I hope they can fix issue as quick as possible.
  15. Hello everyone I'm new to all this forums thing and thought I would give it a go. Hope you are all well with these unusual situations. Now down to business I'm a kia ceed(2007) 1.4P owner and very happy with it but decided to look into buying an Audi A3 or A4 (2010-2013)and wanted to read your opinions on them. The engines of topic is 1.2-2.0 Tfsi engines. Which is more reliable? Which has better fuel consumption? What things should I be looking at when viewing them any common issues? I read that oil consumption on some of these engines are high. Anyone able to give me a hand and clear some of these things. I'm mainly interested in reliability and to reduce maintenance costs and which model is better. Thanks Akim Kuzmichev
  16. Hello, this is my first post so I hope I’m in the right place in the forums for this. Basically I’m going to be viewing a 2014 Audi s3 with 31k miles on the clock. It’s failed it’s last MOT due to having no catalytic converters, but I’m told a new one is being installed upon my arrival. What sort of issues/common problems should I be looking out for? What sort of questions should I be asking the dealer? (Dealer is independent). Should I be taking out warranty if I do purchase? thanks.
  17. I have created a complete guide on how to upgrade MMI 2G and 3G to the latest version of the firmware - 5570. The key thing here is that in the tutorial I am showing you how to not brick your Bose AMP in the process. No special tools or VCDS required. If you use the links to download the updates the only thing that you will need is blank CDs. If you have any questions let me know.
  18. Hello everyone, in desperate help as I cannot find it anywhere, I have an Audi a4 b7 with a k04 hybrid conversion. It's has a decat downpipe system on it and need to find a cat downpipe for emissions but haven't had luck finding a K04 downpipe for my car! I cry for help and I'm grateful if anyone can help me!
  19. Hi all. I’m Tom from the Uk 🙂 so I have a 2007 Q7 and I’ve owned it the past 4 years. It owes me nothing and i love the car. Over the years there’s been little gremlins that I haven’t had time to do anything about and to be honest they’re not show stoppers. But, since were all in lock down due to COVID19, I’ve got some time on my hands and wouldn’t mind doing a little DIY on the old bus, if I can. The beast pulls in every gear, full audi service history up till my ownership, which I now fully service every 6k religiously with OEM parts, except the gearbox. I have a specialist friend for that. 160k on the clock and the girl runs smooth! so, the little gremlins that id like to address are as follows. 1) DAB Signal - it’s really poor! More so when there’s something plugged into the 12v cig lighter slot or if the DVD players in the back are on. Is there anything I can do to improve this? 2) Front display TV reception - again really poor! It used to be fine, perhaps something to do with DAB signal too? 3) side lane assist thingy (tells you not to pull out on the motorway if there’s a car coming) - not working and comes up with when button is pressed. It used to work but stopped some time ago. 4) the rear passenger air suspension - is around 20mm lower when the car is parked 5) can I change the set ride height so that the car sits lower than factory without the use of the VAG software? 6) front heated drivers seat heater - temperamental 7) can I somehow retrofit something to connect my phone (iPhone) to the Bluetooth system to play music through the stereo? 😎 little square buttons on door handles. What are they for? Mine are not working at all 9) boot closing - closed 9/10 but it’s always that 1 time I don’t check; is there adjustment to ensure it closes ever time? 10) front side lights. No LED replacements work in these what so ever. Anyone got any suggestions? 11) how difficult is it to remove swirl flaps? One of my motors has fudged itself. Is there a step by step guide? 12) anyone blanked their EGR before? What’s the best kit and will I need to map it out? I think that is all. Massive appreciation to anyone who can assist 🙂
  20. Hi new to this page, I've tried searching round but can't find any page with the same problem. I have a 2008 Audi A3 8P, When I put the window up on the driver side it will go all the way up and then stop because the glass has reached the top but the switch continues to make a clicking noise until i press the button for it to go down lightly. Has anyone fixed this issue before and what was the solution? I'm not sure how the regulator works
  21. Basically my audi a3 2010 black edition mirror not working when I indicator right (drivers side) the light on the mirror not work also the heated mirror not heating and there is no movement in the mirror either but the passenger side mirror is fully functional just wonder what fuses I need to check cant find it in the manual would both mirror be on the same fuse? Maybe I have a faulty connection?if anyone could help would be great thanks
  22. Hey guys, I were driving home from work earlier on when I drove over a nasty hidden pot hole. It went with quite the bang. Just turned my headlights on now and the passengers side dipped beam seems to have dropped leaving a weird line of light in the road as i drive. any advice on how to fix? :) thanks. (I also tried manually adjusting the light with the screwdriver and that did nothing but move it up and down)
  23. Tmac

    Audi80 b2

    Hi I’m fixing up a 1979 audi 80 and have bought the car partially disassembled. does any one have engine wiring diagrams please. thanks
  24. Hey Audi Peeps, I hope you are all well and staying safe? I thought I would share a video I made of my friend's Audi A1 1.4 tfsi in 'sport' trim. It is one of the highest specced A1s as it has the auto box, heated seats, xenon head lights, pano roof etc You may enjoy this video? Stay safe, Thomas
  25. Audi S4 2012. 3L V6 petrol (330bhp) MOT and good service history! 67,000 miles. Fully Loaded with Sat Nav and bang and olufsen sound system. Fully automatic with tiptronic steering wheel paddles. Xenon head lights. Custom fitted cat-back exhaust (also includes original exhaust to set to standard within price). 4 fairly new tyres, recently had new disks and pads on front and recent Quattro wheel alignment. 2 owners including myself. All work and services in past been done by an audi approved garage. I bought 4 years ago from a volkswagen dealer. In great condition and never had any mechanical problems or been in an accident.