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Found 167 results

  1. Hey Guys, New to the forum, I have a diesel hatch in manual with cloth seats (nothing too exciting to write home about). My friend recently bought the new E-tron (electric suv) and I must say it is some piece of kit! Very techy and silent, it is abit bigger than a Q5 and the gadgets in it are unreal! I actually made a video on his E-tron because its was very techy and had lots of toys... Here is a wee link if anyone wants to see it 🙂 Thomas.
  2. For sale A4 convertible 88000 miles ,long m.o.t automatic 2.5 petrol . Good condition has slight lacquer fade on drivers wing , all eletric work as they should . 07772966347 Hastings
  3. Hello everyone, As a fan of all things audi I thought it's only right to join a forum or club. My local clubs are let's say, financed warranty wannabes. Looking for a forum with a mix of cars and ages of cars, people etc and came across AOC. Had a read through some of the chats and guides and thought yes this is the one for me! Anyway, I am a mechanic, I live in Tamworth staffs, I work on landrovers and jaguars for a living, purely because it pays the bills, but I have always had a passion for VAG, 😂. Only owned 1 Ford in the last 13 year's.. I have owned several vw and audi models, mostly older. A3 a4 golf tt a6 etc I have worked on and fixed a variety of issues and faults from electrical to mechanical on most of the range apart from the really new stuff. So hopefully I have some knowledge that I can share with you guys and gals in return for the knowledge I have taken from here in recent months. Anyway, be nice to chat and maybe even see some faces of likeminded people at a future Audi meet. Chris The Brummie Mechanic
  4. Jack P


    My A3 SLine. Her name is Lightning.
  5. Good day, we present our own development OF t-BOX bluetooth mmi 2g Audi (AptX). This device was developed taking into account all the needs and opportunities for Audi owners. Among all possible competitors, it stands out for its full integration into the system as well as sound quality. Multimedia system for Audi MMI 2G (a4,a5,a6, a8,Q7) - Bluetooth connection. - Digital audio AptX without analog converters (AUX, etc) - Full compatibility with the standard Audi system (control and display of information on standard monitors), autotranslit for the dashboard screen. - Compatibility with streaming services (Yandex.Music, etc) -Hands-free mode (a system that allows you to speak and control the phone without hands) - Player to play your mp3, flac, losses content (downloaded tracks in Your phone)
  6. Hi all, noob question but just noticed on my way to work this morning that my mirror indicator is not lighting up, im assuming these are an led as opposed to a bulb? where about's would i be able to get hold of a replacement part? and are these straight forward for me to replace? cheers guys, BP.
  7. Hi everyone. I've recently purchased an Audi S3 8L with a broken maf (Mass air flow) sensor plug. I've managed to get a replacement plug which however came with different color wiring. I'm urgently looking for anyone out who has an Audi S3 8L to please send me a picture of their maf plug. Car has been out of use for a month now for this tiny issue.... Please can someone assist urgently. Thank you. Drop me an email
  8. Hi guys, New to this forum. Just wanted to do a quick intro and hopefully get talking/meet other audi enthusiasts. I'm the owner of an A5 3.0tdi in Daytona grey with a few subtle mods. Looking to meet up with like minded audi fans in northern Ireland.
  9. Hi All, I hope you can all help! About 5 months ago someone has stolen all my Audi A1 wheel centre caps! I have ordered some off ebay but they are the wrong size so i dont really want to order online again! I have contacted Audi direct, however they are charging £160 for all four. I dont really want to spend this much just in case it happens again. Can anyone advise me if they know anywhere that do them or any advise for me! I have attached the picture of what the wheel caps look like. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi all thought I'd start a thread for funny picture's (Audi related or not) Post some funny stuff here! "Did someone say Audi?"
  11. Hi there, I’m new to this website so if this topic is not appropriate in here I’m sorry. I have just got caught by speed camera on Autobahn in Germany. Will they send me fine for speeding to UK? My car plates hasn’t got GB plate as picture mentioned the front of my vehicle. Kind regards
  12. Hello Everyone I bought my Audi A6 C7 2012 last month it started making noise from the front suspensions this month I took it back to the dealer they changed lower arm both front but that did stop the noise knowing that it only does it if there is a road bump where the tyres drops or on motorway bump that makes the car raise high that when it does it what do you guys think? is it ARms or bushes or shock absorber please Help
  13. Hi all, Anyone from North London or surrounding area willing to try to start up a London Audi Meet up at all? You get the Corsa drivers meeting up in Mc Donalds car parks, so why don't we do the.....only joking Meet up somewhere better than Mc Donalds car parks, any suggestion? anyone interested? Regards Bradley
  14. Hi, I have an audi a3 58 plate facelift. My rear right door does not open from the inside or the outside. I can hear the lock though. I need a rear door lock actuator but I need an 8-Pin one. The problem is I can't find an 8-pin one. Would a 7-Pin or 9-Pin work ?
  15. I'm looking to buy my dream car! I have very little knowledge of engines, but really need some advice on what parts are needed for this R8. Is it worth buying if I can get it cheap? Helpful / constructive advice is much appreciated.
  16. I thinks that updating the mmi will corrupt the mmi and have knock on effects and not allow me ever to drive the car again. and that there is no way of putting the car back because I dont have the orignal firmware disc. is this true?
  17. Hi I had my 2013 Audi A3 1.6TDI remapped from 105hp to 135hp about 9 months ago, never had any problems been fantastic. But recently when accelerating hard the engine will pretty much go into limp mode and the coil shaped light starts flashing? As soon as I pull over turn the engine on and back off the light goes and the car works perfectly. It has always started first time. When scanning with the Carista OBd scanner 6 Faults detected - I get Heater & Air conditioning - 262914 Central Electronics - 262934, 266756, 267030, 787211, 787465 Could it just be as simple as replacing the glow plugs or would they not affect the car when accelerating? Thanks any advice is useful
  18. Hello, As the title suggests I have been considering buying a R8. You can get a lot of car for the money but still I wonder what would be better V8 or V10 then running costs, potential bugbears and generally how they are to live with? Any advice or tips would be most welcome. Thanks!
  19. So my car has been of the road now for so long! Nearly a year. All because the transfer box has broke (literally got a hole in it, can’t be fixed) now from what I’ve learnt, they don’t make the transfer box anymore (discontinued). Now this is the second time this has happened, and I’m not sure why! So the first time it happened, I got sent a part, by a Audi specific breakers, they confirmed it was the right one... now I’m thinking, maybe it wasn’t!? And I’ve tried and tried to find out the correct part number for the transfer box that should be in my car, but no luck. Does anyone know? It’s a Audi A3 3.2 v6 8p 2004, someone must use be able to help! Thank you
  20. Hello Everyone, I am looking to buy an Audi Q2, but I would appreciate if I could try it for a day or two before I buy it. Any suggestions? Where can I hire an Audi q2 for a day or two? Or anyone who owns an Audi Q2 would be interested in renting it to me for a day or two in London? I could offer 200 pounds per day. If you are interested, please email me: Thank you. Susan
  21. @jaygorsia
  22. Hi all quick introduction by me. Bought myself a Q7 2007 3.0 TDI back in September 2017. Top spec, every extra. It’s running around 140k now and I !Removed! love the bus! As do the kids and mrs. I carry out most of the maintenance myself. I’m a chartered engineer and I’m a massive car enthusiast, completed the majority of my own issues since I was a young teen. My previous car was a 535d and although I do miss the raw power, the q7 is my baby now and I will run it for many many years. Fingers crossed I’ve had a couple of problems with it. Passenger wiper arm snapped on a rainy winters day. Headlamp bulbs blew (gosh they were pricey). Going through 21” tyres like no tomorrow and just changes pads and discs all round. So no problems I suppose. Just general upkeep. However, I’ve just got a low oil pressure alarm. I’ve read some horror stories and current situation is...I’ve ordeted a new oil pressure switch/sensor. (Can anyone shed any light on its location on the car?) I hope it’s just a quick sensor change and I’m good. I have an oil change booked in too for next week. I have read horror stories about the oil pump though? Anyone shed any light on this?
  23. After 3½ years of pure exhilaration, it’s time to say goodbye to my Audi S6. 5.2 FSI V10 Lamborghini Engine. 97K miles. Mainly used for motorway mileage but now the commuting has stopped and hence must see it go to a good home. Sat Nav, DAB, Climate Control, 6 Disc Changer, Sub-Woofer. Full Size Spare Wheel with matching 19” Alloy. Heated Front Seats. Main Dealer Service History. MOT due April 2019. Electric Front Seats. LED DRL. Tiptronic + Automatic with Sports mode. Privacy Glass. 430BHP. Blue. I have owned the vehicle from 47,000 miles.
  24. Rio


    Hi, I am a new member. I have been looking endlessly for a gear box for my Audi A6 Sline 2.0 TDI Diesel (Automatic). My VIN code is WAUZZZ4FX7N126957 Can anybody assist please. Thanks Rio
  25. 2001 Audi A4 B6 3.0 petrol quattro. For a while now my car has been misfiring, loss of power and stuttering... A mechanic checked the timing and it was fine (done the timing belt only 2 years ago), I've replaced the coil packs and spark plugs but still getting these engine error codes.. Anyone know what the cause of all these codes? (P0345, P0346, P0365, P0011, P0014, P0021, P0300) Thank you