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  1. Mine is a 14 plate Technic. I dropped into the Stirling Audi dealer and asked the same question. There is an update, it comes on the cheaper CD format and so is a snip at a mere £276.00. I didn't jump at the bargain 😲 The next newer model on from ours ONLY updates from SD card, which costs more. I'm afraid I didn't enquire about how much more, but from the reaction of the salesman considerably more. A colleague at work has recently bought an 08 plate 3.0l TDI coupe. He looked online for MMI updates. But I'm not sure which site he used. His car, according to the site and the MMI system numbers, was updated in 17, so he didn't go any further.
  2. Ahh, now that I would 'vent' at. This is a regular run for us, Stirling to Passau via Rotterdam, Frankfurt and Munich. We do it week in, week out, 50 weeks a year, under all conditions. By the time I get back to Stirling on Thursday, I'll have driven over 2000 miles. My 4 year old truck has got just under half a million km on the clock, I've driven almost all of them. None of this makes me a good driver, but a very experienced one. Overtaking a long line of cars in Lane 1 in snow, I do it cos my experience tells me I can, but Mr BMW (or Merc, Volvo or Audi) decides that if I can, he can. Quickly followed by them having a brown trousers moment and slowing straight back down again, usually right in front of me. They never decide to let me pass and then follow, it's always pulling out just in front of me. On a dry road not a problem, but in snow and ice I'm hoping I can slow down quickly enough without losing all traction.
  3. No need for a medal. Keeping a level head is one of the requirements for the long distance work in particular. Not that I'm perfect by any means, I've lost my head on many occasions, but not at a situation like that one. The weather isn't under anyone's control, that situation developed because of the weather (and some not great driving by somebody). There was nothing to be gained losing my head, not even venting frustration really, because it was clearly going to be a looooong time to sort all out. Next week I'm off to Munich for my final delivery, then Passau to reload for home. Middling distance work. The longest trip I've done was loading from Aberdeen, for delivery to Taranto in the South of Italy. Loaded Tuesday lunchtime ish, delivered Taranto Friday teatime 😄
  4. N for Newton's would refer to pressure, but I've no idea about the relationship between Newton's to psi except that 450 psi is 30 bar (30 x barometric pressure, 1 bar is 15 psi). 30 bar would be enormous, gas cylinder type pressure, talking Oxygen cylinders etc, not Calor gas. Ship builders on the Clyde used to shoot them at the docks on the opposite side of the river. Set them up on a trestle then knock the valve off with a !Removed! big hammer 😄 Metres are m btw, not M, so torque is in Nm LOL
  5. By the way, is it definitely 'n' and not 'N' ? N is shorthand for Newtons, I can't remember what n is shorthand for. I remember N because it's part of torque, setting your torque wrench for a number of Newton metres Nm, it used to be foot pounds ft lbs until we went metric. I'm old enough to have been taught the old Imperial measures, then changing to metric half way through the year, probably 1971.
  6. Aye, sorry about that, I just couldn't resist. I imagine it's become rather boring over the years. If your thinking of fitting for eg Q5 struts, make sure the fully extended length is the same or within a few mm. To short and you'll have to duck 🙄 under it anyway. To long and you risk stretching the hinges or contact between tailgate and roof. I expect you've already considered that, but it does no harm to remind you, just incase you forgot. I've no idea about OEM Audi parts and prices, I haven't had mine long enough and it's still new enough not to have needed any parts so far. I did nip into an Audi dealer near where I work, to enquire about any MMI and or map updates because the installed setup is 4 years old, same age as the car. There IS an update, but the CD version for a car the age of mine is (I think) £276, which is a bit eye watering considering I can buy a sat-nav for a lot less than that with lifetime updates and traffic problem rerouting. The USB or SD Card updates were even more expensive, for the newer cars which can only be updated that way 😮 If the VAG parts are all in a similar vein I might well regret buying this car, we'll see 🙂
  7. I'm a long(ish) distance trucker. When The Beast from the East struck I'd picked up a load near Manchester and was heading back home to our yard at Stirling, ie an essential journey. All went well almost all the way up, there was some snow but nothing to worry me. Then at around 2pm I reached Cumbernauld and hit the back of a queue, which is pretty normal even in good weather, so not unexpected as there was a fair bit of snow by then. I was eventually released at around 1am Thursday morning, along with quite a few other vehicles. We had to weave around abandoned cars and vans, which was rather frustrating. During the time spent waiting we had moved up several times, each time we stopped I invited everyone parked around me into my cab. I've got a small diesel furnace fitted to my truck (all sleeper cabs have them these days). As I'm a long distance trucker I'm prepared with emergency food and have coffee, water, sugar and milk and a small gas cooker, a kettle and a pot, so was offering warmth and coffee to anyone who wanted it. One person took me up on the offer in those 11 hours. I also saw some local residents walking through the traffic with bags of food and flasks of tea or coffee presumably, none of them came to me though so I don't know what was on offer. Speaking to other truckers stuck there afterwards, I know I wasn't the only one offering warmth and hot drinks. I was a little bit annoyed at a news report on the radio on the Thursday, someone with very young children in the car was complaining that the authorities hadn't done enough to prevent the situation occuring and not enough support for him with his young children once it had occured. I don't know what his essential journey was, with very young children, but there were plenty of warnings not to drive anywhere on Wednesday in particular unless it was essential. After we were released from the problem at Cumbernauld, me and one other truck turned off towards Stirling, I was the second truck. Just half a mile off the main road we had to stop again, A car had grounded out on top of the snow. Not much later the police turned up, asked the car driver where he intended going and asked the two of us truckers where we were going (both to the same industrial estate 5 miles along the road), we were instructed to remain exactly where we were, ie in the middle of the road, we would be sorted as much as possible in daylight, but the snow was falling and drifting so quickly they were unable to keep that 5 miles stretch open. We were then moved a couple of hundred yards into a layby once daylight appeared. The car driver was rescued and sent home. I eventually got back to our company yard around midday Friday, after hitting the queue at 2pm Wednesday. As I said, I'm prepared for most eventuallities. I'm teaching myself to play the flute (from books) and I read a lot. I'm not a tv watcher so don't have one in the truck. There was a petrol station at the end of the road, so I bought a pint of milk, but none of their consessions was open so no hot food. Soup and sandwiches then. Comfy enough bed, my flute, my kindle, internet on my phone, warm and dry. That'll do me nicely 🙂
  8. Live up to your name next time 😜 Mine pops open fairly quickly, I've never had to dodge it at least. I doubt the temperatures up here will be significantly warmer than where you are, so it wouldn't seem that's a likely explanation. They do lose their spring after a while, but I would expect them to last longer than 5 years before that became apparent. Especially fitted on something as light weight as a boot lid. See if you can get a better set from your local scrappy?
  9. I've just sorted mine. I think it was ticking the settings box to allow sharing contacts. This is in my phones settings for the car Bluetooth connection. Yours is probably similar, just check that's set right.
  10. I tried deleting all external Bluetooth devices, twice. But still have 3 other mobile phones listed in my cars memory. I obviously had to reconnect my own phone and whilst doing that I noticed a little tick box had popped up on my phone, but didn't get the chance to see what it was it came and went so quickly. I guessed it would be a bt setting so went into there to check. Right enough, allow contact details wasn't ticked. As soon as I allowed that, my phonebook copied over. Happy Days 😁
  11. Pic 1 is the plug to go into the port. Pic 2 is supposed to show where the port is located.
  12. I just went in to the Audi dealership near where I work, taking the MMI instalation cd in with me. I had 2 questions, is there an MMI and map update, and about linking the 'My Audi' app to my car. They told me my car was too old and didn't have the software or hardware to link to My Audi. Also that there was an update for my MMI and maps on cd which would cost me well over 200 quid, 276 if I remember right. I didn't buy my car from an Audi dealer and have never been to this place before. They couldn't have been nicer. The information was free, however, I wasn't offered coffee either. I did buy an Audi A4 key fob while I was there 😄