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  1. Hi all! I have connected my phone to my car it akknowlages it's there however when it comes to seing contacts I can't see a thing I've tried everything I can recive calls pick them up but still have to use my phone to call some one! Any suggestions? Ive seen alot of apple car play systems do these work with androids too? Or are there different ones? Thank you
  2. Dammit! Lol thank you for your response
  3. Daily routine would be to work and back take with about 35 40 mins with traffic it's roughly15 miles both ways other then that city dicing weekend shopping ect not been motoway much with the car but I am due to do a long journey next week
  4. Thanks all for the responses. I currently fill up every 2 weeks (roughly) it gives me 350-370 miles for a full tank that cost £80
  5. Hi Dan Is there a way I can contact you to go into more detail and get some quotes
  6. Hi Dan What are we looking at on top of paying normal insurance for a remap insurance ?
  7. Hi Steve Once again at my help! Thank you for your answer! I just want it for fuel consumption as I feel the car powerful enough as it is.. any recommendations as to who to look into for map?
  8. Hi all Another day another question I have a 2.7tdi audi and realising it's very thirsty just about get 380 miles from a full tank if I'm lucky! I am really considering race chip tuning box or remapping for the purpose of fuel consumption to be better. Has anyone had either done and notice a difference in fuel saving is it worth it as it cost £400-£500 do you actually see a big difference? Any help or experience would help Much appreciated for your response as usual Thank you
  9. Regarding the doors I'll get it checked out as soon as maybe worth getting the whole car checked over again. The noise when turning it feels more like judder if that makes sense but the car moves fine it's just when turning or locking the wheel again it's something that comes and goes
  10. Hi all 1.So my driver side passenger door seems to have moods when I unlock the car the door doesn't want to unlocked however if I put the window down and open the door from the inside then it's fine.. and some times I have no issues what so ever it works perfectly fine? Any advise on what this could be? 2. When I turn my steering wheel at stand still or very low speeds like reverse parking it seems to make a funny noise when I turn I'm not sure if it the steering rack? However on normal driving no issues or sound with it? Any one know what this may be ? Much appreciated! Thank you
  11. Hi Steve Thank your response.. I think tints would be the great option.. Thank you Yasin
  12. Hi Steve Thank your response.. I have been looking at the original shades on eBay which are around £70-£80 as I don't want to get the cheap ones not worth it.. however tints will cost me the same aswell! So I'm kind of torn inbetween and not sure what to do! Do you have either one on your car? Thank you Yasin
  13. Hello all! I am lookingfor window shades for my audi specially with a little one in the car and crazy heat and sun. Any suggestions on where to get some from good set or is it better tinting the windows? Thank you
  14. Thank you for the help I'll defo take a look into it
  15. Hi all I seem to have a similar problem however it's the driver side passenger door the only one that doenst open i have to put the window down and open it from the inside once this is done then the car opens fine.. it just started quite randomly any suggestions ?