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  1. The £35.00 ones I bought work well enough, two bikes (adult) and a 1/2 width box full with caravan awning, carpet, poles and a whole shed load of other holiday rubbish (most of which seems never to get used but SWTSMBO insists we take it) all the way from UK to Southern France and back and no sign of any bend or damage. Also used at least a dozen times within the UK with nearly all the same kit !! Easy to use ... what's not to like .. 🙂
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=4G9071151L&_sacat=0 Several sets for sale it seems ..... I went the cheaper option ... (mines a 2014) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VOLKSWAGEN-TOURAN-2003-on-ALUMINIUM-PREMIUM-HEAVY-DUTY-ROOF-BARS-RAILS/153594566128?fits=Car+Make%3AAudi|Model%3AA6+Allroad|Cars+Year%3A2016&hash=item23c2f315f0:g:8iEAAOSwngxdSwF0
  3. 2 x SD cards and a load of instructions ... all worked perfectly
  4. Changing parts willy-nilly is totally pointless and extremely expensive. Take it to an air-con specialist, have some UV dye added to the refridgerant, then the ACTUAL leak can be pinpointed using a UV torch. This will result in just one component, the actual leaking bit, being replaced.
  5. Do you have "stop/start" on your vehicle? , because, AFAIK, all vehicles fitted with stop/start "should" have an AGM battery not an EFB one (this is due to the heavy load the stop/start system can apply to the battery under some conditions) .. if you fit an AGM battery your charger already has the required setting .. 12v AGM .....
  6. Try these folks ... excellent service from them for my 2014 Allroad https://satnavupgrade.com/collections/audi
  7. "Whats the A6 like when you put your foot down ?" ..... pulls like a train and keeps on going ... cost me two speeding fines in France in the first month of ownership !! Mine is a tad older than what you are testing I think , but I don't grumble at the performance in any way ... and it doesn't even notice the 'van on the back !
  8. I have had my A6 allroad for one year now. Just after purchase I paid for a full "longlife" service that included several "additional" items ... air con recharge, Brake fluid replacement, wiper blades replaced... which came to £740.00 The previous owner had paid for the gearbox oil change at £200.00 .... sounds a lot I know .. but I have literally done NOTHING else in the year / 6000 miles I've had it, and not due another service for a year yet.... so I think it quite reasonable. Car is used to tow an 1800 Kg caravan most weekends, and has been a dream to use and own.
  9. I used www.satnavupgrade.com to get the upgrade for my 2014 Allroad .. excellent service and it all worked as advertised .. 🙂