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  1. Thats looking excellent, well worth the effort you put in.
  2. Hello and welcome to you.
  3. Hello and welcome to you from a fellow newbie.
  4. Hello and welcome from another newbie.😁
  5. Hi from another newbie. Apparently most members are i little shy in saying hello.😁
  6. Some nice cars in your list also. Over a hundred, wow. Most of mine were purchased when still plenty of them about. Its strange that i could probably no longer afford to purchase them now. I purchased the Camaro direct from an American outlet in Germany that supplied their Armed Forces. Circa 1987, a cracking 5.7lt V8. Had it two years, imported it to the UK and sold it for £8k more than i paid for it when new. A good percentage of mine were left hooker ones purchased in Germany. I retired at 45 due to ill health. My changing cars so often had to slow down somewhat. Although i average about 18 months. Crazy i know, but i just get bored and hanker after a change. Would have loved your Rover, never got around to getting one. A Cortina, not seen one of those in an age. Those were the days, points, distributor, HT leads,new plugs, and away you went.
  7. I think you are correct Trevor....Come on fellow members, say hello. I don't bite, well, not very often.😁 This is my 2nd soot chucker, the first being a Phaeton. I am amazed at how far they have come. I have had well over 70 cars ranging from a vauxhall Viva to a Mercedes CL 600 bi turbo. Some of my favourites over the years being a Carlton Lotus, MB 560 SEL, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Sierra Cosworth. A MK 4 Jaguar. And i think my most recent aqusition, the A8 could be included. Oh....i am 68 years old, feel 78, and look 88.
  8. Took the car to the local Audi main dealer for a free health check. No points or advisories. Pleased about that. Thank you for your interest trevor. 48 views and 1 welcome.😐
  9. Thank you Trevor. Enjoying driving it. The headlights are nothing short of amazing. The cameras are also very useful.
  10. Hello one and all. My name is John and just saying hello. Just purchased a new to me A8 3.0 tdi. The last Audi i had was a 200 when living in Germany. Since then owned mainly Mercs. The one i have just sold being an E500. Up to now very pleased with my purchase. https://video.citnow.com/vtgrkytjWXR