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  1. Hi Gareth thanks for the advice - at the time of the orginal query (november 2019) i was advised by the dealer that as it was now logged with Audi germany then if anything broke then it was fully covered by Audi as they didn't know what was causing it. I think that they have had enough time already to sort it would an email do to start with a written letter to follow be ok do you think? regards Ian
  2. Hi Steve Q thanks for that might just do that - but will need to wait until thinks are back to normal i have been looking on the A6 and A7 forums as well and it looks like a few of the members are having the same problems with the V6 TDI - its a pitty that there wasn't a link to all the forums which could high light issues as many of the engines/ drive line and eletrics are common to all models engines have diffrent power outputs i was thinking about making viedo of the engine and posting it - is that possiable if so how do i do it?
  3. depending on the age you might get a tip tronic (8 speed) i think s-troinc is 7 speed
  4. hi check out the post from LEGO BOX on the a4 forum as i have the same issues with the engine the rattles are when you start up and when the engine restarts in auto/start stop
  5. hi i have the S4 v6 tdi with triptronic gearbox -i know its not an A6 but it is the same engine only with diffrent power output yes at times the request for power to take off appears slow but goes current mpg is 32 thats around town and motorway but on a run i get 38 to 41 mpg i have a rattle like the oil insn't getting around the engine it appears to be the top of the engine also this rattle will appear when the engine is warm and been on auto start/stop it has been back to the dealer and a report has gone to Audi germany who have said that it only a few engines are doing it and they don't know why. i have contacted audi uk and the brand laision manager has looked at the tech report and told me its normal for it to do that ? currently wait for things to get back to normal to persue this further
  6. update with the current situation i will wait for things to go back to normal befiore persuing this further the Brand liaison manager stated in his reply that he had looked at the data file and log and then said that this was normal? yet the techians at my dealership spent 1.5 days trying find the fault and made the file and sent it to germany for information - when i have checked with them they say that they are waiting for germany to inform them of what do or try? who's correct ?? me personally will go with the techian as he is the one that has been looking at it and seen and heard it
  7. Hi Al i've had this car s4 (b9) 5 months now from new i have few issues if anyone car help when engine cold it rattles like a tractor (the wife says) when i believe the oil pressure is up it goes quite. it will do this even when warm on start up also hen the auto start/stop operates i have the same problem the engine rattles before the oil pressure bulids up. the only way i can describe it is like the oil pump has no oil the filter dransthe oil and if fitted the hydrulic lifters lose the oil pressure. it has been back to the dealer 2 weeks after having it they had it for a day and half and then said they couldn't fine the fault and have contacted AUDI tectnal they have said there is an issue with a few cars but don't know what causing it. spoke to the dealer last week and they checked the system and told that there was no fix yet. i have contacted Audi uk about it the the "brand liasion manager" replied that it was normal for them to do that? any advice/help would be appreacited really like the car and the power thanks
  8. Hello all just got this car any body heard anything about this!