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  1. Excellent result! It is great when these things work as hoped.
  2. Thanks for the tips, I will look at getting the tar remover and clay as the paint is definitely feeling a little 'bitty. in places.
  3. Well, with the latest events I have now been able to 'detail' my car (white Q7) and the wifge's car (Emerald Green Karoq). What amazes me every time I do this si the size difference between the two. The Q7 seems to take and age to clean compared to the Karoq. I think the surprise is partly because the Q7 doesn't look big in terms of its styling. It has more of an extended estate car look compared to a Discovery for example. Anyway, rinsed, foamed, washed, dried and quick detailed and it looks good. I should really get the tar remover/clay bar done but I have never done that and would need to buy the materials for it. I use a Karcher pressure washer, Autobrite lance and snowfoam, Bilt Hamber car shampoo and Meguairs Ultimate Quik Detail spray. I think I will get some of the Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax as a step up form the Quik Detail spray. I used to have the full on waxes and polishes but I can't be bothered with that now, especially on a white car. Anyone else using their extra home time to detail?
  4. Hi dd, It appears that a replacement unit is the only option. I have been googling around for quite a while and the results are the same - replacement of whole unit. Jon
  5. Thought I had better introduce myself as I have already been posting in Q7 section. Been driving a range of cars over the years, including A6 saloon and estate, A8, Q3 (wife's) and now a 2019 Q7. I just seem to gravitate to the German car 'style', especially the ergonomics of the interiors and their perceived build quality. Wife now has a 2018 Karoq which has been awesome, but doesn't compare obviously to the driving of the Q7 which I have had from new. The Karoq is an amazing car for the price though. Wanting a hybrid/electric next but I need 7 seats which causes a lot of problems! We will see if Audi introduce a 7 seat etron!
  6. This bike cost 3490 euros in 2003 believe it or not.
  7. No issues for my Q7, (had it for 10 months now). I would say that there is something inside the mechanism but as it is so newly purchased from Audi used, it will get fixed. Annoying though.
  8. That's pretty shoddy. I was never told that there would be a characteristic of the car that it would shudder like a 30 year old transit van! Have they done the latest software update? The software version went from 4M0907401L 0001, to 4M0907401L 0002.
  9. Hi Samwise, I think you are probably correct to look at rejection. Thi sia n expensive car and should be perfect. I believe that if the issue was raised earlier than the 6 months then that is sufficient for the rejection, as long as =Audi knew about the problem then. I have to say that since the software update on my car it hasn't had the shuddering and the gearbox responds faster.If this changes then you can bet that I will be looking at rejection as well. I will be interesting to see what JUly 2020 (ono) brings.
  10. Had a couple of journeys in the morning through traffic and the car did not seem to have the same issues as before. Normally in slow traffic at around 100-1200 rpm the car would hesitate and jerk forward but it has not done this since the update. It seems that the car maintains higher revs for longer as it warms up but this could have been due to the colder temperature outside. I have a longer journey today so will look out for any issues. Either something has improved or it just hasn't manifested itself again yet.
  11. Update on visit to Audi today. Software update to gearbox carried out and software update for Engine Control Module carried out. The software version went from 4M0907401L 0001, to 4M0907401L 0002. Not a huge change I think. They asked that I tried the car out to see if the symptoms are still there. I have a feeling that they will be unfortunately. I have a stop start journey tomorrow morning which ususally sets the car of on its hesitation so it will be interesting to see what happens.
  12. Spoke to dealership and car is booked id on Weds for a gearbox update and a second update related, supposedly, to another engine issue. I highly doubt it will solve my problem (as per dawnn73's post) but you never know. I will update when completed.
  13. It's amazing that Audi have allowed this situation to continue without taking any decisive action as regards a recall, etc. I am definitely going to be rejecting my car as it is getting worse and I keep being told to wait for the update. I have exactly the same symptoms as others are having and it is not acceptable.
  14. I can’t believe that so many people are having exactly the same issues that I am having with my may 2019 50tdi. shuddering at 1000-1200 rpm, hesitation and sometimes nothing from gearbox for 2-3 seconds when pulling out of a roundabout. i reported the issue within 2 weeks of taking delivery of the car and was told categorically that there was a software update coming. obviously this has not been forthcoming. audi uk confirmed that there was a software update coming but nothing has appeared so I have approached Audi finance to see what options are regarding rejecting/changing vehicle. It would be great if anyone could offer any tips regarding rejection of the car as I have never had to do this before. well, what a great first post!