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  1. Isle of man minus sideways rain and 200mph winds lol
  2. Welcome to the club bud, a good choice!
  3. Making use of lockdown, couple of days with the rotary. Not 100% But had to make do with stuff I had at home, most my gear is kept at my unit.
  4. Yup, 2 days of machine polishing and waxing. As for clay, Deffo a worthwhile job bud, highly recommend bilt hamber blue clay as it only requires water as a lube. I would also use tar removed prior to claying, tardis tar remover is good, but tbf autoglym tar remover is also effective.
  5. It's been a long time since I had my c5 rs6, but iirc I think the s6 gained around 35bhp, main advantages were better fuel economy, faster throttle response and if you have gearbox remapped, you can drop into 5th @30mph giving tick over running so minimal petrol consumption. You wont gain massive power increases, it's non turbo so around 5-7%. If your still looking to do this, I would recommend Doug @ MRC to have a chat with.
  6. This was an issue on the c5 A6, bung always getting blocked with dead leaves etc
  7. Hi all. Previously owned a c5 rs6, stage 2 remapped and running around 520bhp. Stupidly sold it tho about 6 years ago and have had an itch ever since. Itch has been scratched now tho with the arrival of a stage 2 c6 rs6, 2008 with 60k miles. Over 20k worth of recipts and the dreaded oil seal and coolant pipe already done. What a machine lol. Currently running around 745bhp, but is very usable and smooth when just pottering about. Stand on the loud peddle tho and warp 10 engages fairly quickly lol. Will do some decent pics etc once i have finished playing and given her a full detail
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