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  1. Thankyou Trevor. I had initially thought to do as you've said, but with time constraints and not having the £7800 to send it off to be done, I figured I may as well try to buy everything I will need to do a full overhaul hopefully in time for the two weeks when my employers close up shop over Christmas and rebuild it then. That way it'll be out and in once and I'll know the state of the engine is sound... In theory! I will definitely keep the updates coming.
  2. Thanks for the welcome guys.😀 I bought the car from what turned out to be a shady con dealership, noticed blue genies three days after driving away, got fobbed off, they refused to honour the warranty they provided or even take a look at it. Ended up taking them to court, they treated it as a joke and ignored the whole case so my CCJ against them ended up set in stone. But they've emptied their building and done a runner so now after all that and after I pay the bill to court enforcement as they've given up, I'm going to have to fix it myself. I (and my mechanic family & friends) suspect valve stem seals and possibly guides, but there's a leak on the back of the engine somewhere so while it's out I'm just gonna overhaul it. Obviously the cheaper I can get the parts the sooner I can get her back on the road.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Matt and thought I would briefly introduce myself and my 2005 (55) S4 B7 4.2V8 Quattro. I bought my S4 in March 2018 as a treat to myself following some tough times. Two years on and I still can't drive it, but I'm determined that's going to change this year. If anyone can recommend a good place to get engine parts at OEM or uprated standard without paying stealer prices, I'm all ears! 😊