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  1. Hey! I have Audi A3 8P 3.2 V6 and my transfer box is broken and now im trying to find new one... does it need to be exact same model than mine or is it just okey when part number (0AV 409 053P) is right? does it matter if the box is from 4 cylinder car? 🙂
  2. I currently have Avon ZV7s on my Quattro Avant. I am considering going with the Contis next time. The Avons are very good but the idea of all weather tyres apeals to me. Especially as I live halfway down a muddy old hill - its all muddy around my part of Somerset actually 😕
  3. Any one come across a problem with the heated seat on the super sports seat? The red light that indicates the heated seat is on flickers on for a second then completely turns off. If I try pressing the button again no lights will come on however if I turn the car off and back on then the button will flicker again. Element, relays?? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, I recently bought an a3 8p 2.0tfsi quattro 56 plate. I serviced it and put new discs and pads on. When it came to putting on the front right the discs wouldn’t fit. The guy asked me to check breakers for a carrier and a wheel hub. I bought both but it didn’t fix the job. My front brakes should have 312mm discs. The left does but the right has 282mm discs. Any help? I can’t figure out why the standard 312mm discs don’t fit. Is it the wheel hub, carrier or something else? Any help will be very much appreciated. for reference my front brakes should be: 312mm by 25mm
  5. Hi All, Has anyone had the following fault code before? 18112/P1704 (Relates to kickdown switch) Any further advise/experience to repair the fault would be appreciated. Car drives great as normal, however engine management light is on. A4 B9 3.0 V6 TDI Quattro (Auto)
  6. Hi everybody I am looking for a honest and reliable garage in and around Kingston to service my 7 year old Audi A4. I have sent it to Wimbledon Audi a couple of times, but somehow I feel they are a ripoff. Just to add, my car is an Audi A4 SE Technik TDI Quattro Diesel. I bought it for new in 2016, when it was 3 years old (I am the 2nd owner). I wonder if I need to do a cambelt change too? Do I need a Major service? I had it last serviced in Oct 2018 when it had done approx 35k miles. Right now its at 45.5k miles. so just under 10k miles in 2 years. Mostly its short drives around or max 1 or 2 hours on the odd occasion. Thanks!
  7. Hello Hello, I hope everyone had a good Christmas? My friend recently got his TTS tuned with an APR kit (stage 1) and it is very fast. Managing 14mpg though... I made a video on his TTS if anyone wants to check it out? Thomas
  8. Hi everyone! Looking for an Audi A4 B6 Avant Quattro with the 1.9 PD130 engine for sale. Ideally located in Scotland or north of England as I myself am located in north east Scotland. Been keeping an eye out on Gumtree, Ebay, Autotrader and various other online car sale websites for a while now and can't seem to find one up for sale. Lots of saloon quattro B6's but not an Avant which I'm after. If anyone's got one for sale or knows anybody that has got one for sale can you please let me know. My email address is marcin9005@gmail.com or just post it down below. Thanks a lot!
  9. Ive owned my a6 for 3 years and i thought i will document here all mods/fixes/problems/etc on one thread. I have lots to put on here so it will take some time but please comment/ask and advise if you know anything that i dont :) The car is great!!! Audi only made 1000 of 3.0tdi lemans and as far as i know there are around 200 left ... they produced 15 in late 2006 so there is a chance mine is one of the first ever made :) https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.autoblog.com/amp/2006/07/19/audi-commemorates-r10-tdi-win-with-a6-le-mans-edition/ It has 122k on the clock now and runs like new. It has full sline spec + le mans , ambient light, bose, storage pack, 19" lemans wheels, sport suspention, and its finished in daytona grey pearl
  10. Hi all I'm looking into buying an Audi A3/S3 2.0tfsi quattro, 5 door, from around the 2008 mark. I'm planning on tastefully modding and remapping this car and have heard you can reap 310bhp+- from them without any heavy modifications. Looking on auto trader, I've noticed that there seems to be a variation on the power outputs, from what looks to me to be the same engine. So finally, my question is - are the 2.0 tfsi engines in the A3 (200bhp) , A3 - s line (197bhp) , and S3 (263bhp), all the same, meaning they'd produce the same output with a remap? Here are the two I've been looking at: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006270572159?atmobcid=soc3 http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006290636074?atmobcid=soc3 Thanks for your time! Joe
  11. Audi S4 2012. 3L V6 petrol (330bhp) MOT and good service history! 67,000 miles. Fully Loaded with Sat Nav and bang and olufsen sound system. Fully automatic with tiptronic steering wheel paddles. Xenon head lights. Custom fitted cat-back exhaust (also includes original exhaust to set to standard within price). 4 fairly new tyres, recently had new disks and pads on front and recent Quattro wheel alignment. 2 owners including myself. All work and services in past been done by an audi approved garage. I bought 4 years ago from a volkswagen dealer. In great condition and never had any mechanical problems or been in an accident.
  12. Hi guys, I have a 2003 facelift a3 8L with the ARY engine, the engine has been !Removed! since I've had it, got a print out from a rolling road that says 240bhp however it only just beat a 140bhp 2006 Honda civic type s so probably running tops 170bhp. I've got my hands on a BAM engine but I dont have the tools or time to replace it myself, how much roughly will it cost to get it changed at a garage? Obviously this wont be happening until lockdown is over but thought I could start saving now as I'm luckily still working. Thanks in advance.
  13. Reluctantly selling pristine Audi A7 I've had since new March 2017. Stunning looking car & keenly priced at ONLY £24,750 ono. All genuine enquiries welcome based Leicestershire UK. IMMACULATE 1 Owner Car FULL Service History 12 Months MOT LOW Mileage (26,500) UNMARKED Metallic Paintwork LEATHER Interior 21" RS Alloys CHEAPEST Price With Spec In UK (AutoTrader)
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Matt and thought I would briefly introduce myself and my 2005 (55) S4 B7 4.2V8 Quattro. I bought my S4 in March 2018 as a treat to myself following some tough times. Two years on and I still can't drive it, but I'm determined that's going to change this year. If anyone can recommend a good place to get engine parts at OEM or uprated standard without paying stealer prices, I'm all ears! 😊
  15. Hi I’ve been loosing coolant pretty rapidly the past few day’s I can’t see any leaks I’ve changed the expansion tank cap and no difference I’ve changed the oil and it wasn’t milky at all if I put my foot down to about 90 the temp will start to creep up any ideas? Head gasket maybe? I’ve had The garage test the head for leaks twice and there wasn’t any but it seems like I’ve got back pressure in the coolant system.
  16. Hi Guys haven't got an a4 yet but have enquired about a few. I really like the a4 2.0tdi s-line quattro in red. Only thing I'm disappointed in is it doesnt have the radio display like the newer models do you know if the display from a newer model will fir mine if I could find one?
  17. Hi guys I'm new hear i'm a proud owner of a Audi S3 sports back... Please feel free to check out my car. Many Thanks... https://youtu.be/hQuQ0JZopdA
  18. Hello all, I have one of the 800 Mk1 Audi TT 240 quattro sport's. I am baffled by how slow it is, it's meant to do 0-60 in around 5.8 seconds. I also have a 2007 Nissan 350z 313GT. I know the TT 240 sport is meant to be very similar to the 350z in regards to performance, but my 350z feels and is so so so so much faster! Does anybody have any idea why the 240 sport is so slow?!? It does 0-60 in about 9 seconds where as my 350z does it in around 5.3 seconds. On paper they have the exact same 1/4 mile time of 14.6 seconds.
  19. Hi, I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I have a 2001 A4 V6 3.0 quattro available for cost of petrol in the tank. I could sell it, but would prefer it to go to someone who cares. It is not pristine and has multiple minor issues, but is basically sound (has 11 months MOT remaining). Would anyone like it?
  20. Selling my 2004 Audi A4 1.8 Quattro Cabrio. 60,000 miles. Black, 18" Black powdercoat Alloys, Full service history available, leather seats. Any time anything has gone on this vehicle I have had it done; new spark plugs, oil changes, rear brakes replaced (disks, pads, calipers as of this year), MOT until next march, new battery, new sensors for the soft top, soft top refurbished, new thermostat valve housing, new windscreen wiper drive cable, cambelt and water pump done at 30,000 miles, new tyres (this year). I t has rear parking sensors, 6 CD player with Sony speakers, heated seats, larger chrome exhaust tips. Due to age the car also has the following: Minor scuffs (think they will come out with T-cut, just havent had the chance) to front left and rear bumpers, Intermittent parking sensors when vehicle is initially started but if you take it out of reverse and put back into reverse these go. Have a look at the photos (sorry about our cat) , if you need any more information just ask. Be great to get £2600 - £3000.00 or your nearest offer. Thanks
  21. Hi everyone, Recently my Dad has given me his old Audi A6 C5 which he's owned since the early 2000's. It's a FWD 1896cc diesel which has had zero mechanical issues; the only problem it's had was an electrical issue, caused from leaves building up between the windscreen and the bonnet. It's in good condition and is currently just sat collecting dust in his garage so it's got me wondering whether this could potentially be a nice little project car. I want to turn it into something a bit more exciting so I was wondering whether it would be possible to convert this into a AWD 'Quattro' with (mostly) bolt on parts or would I need to make some significant changes to the body of the car? I would imagine the chassis/frame of this car is the same as it's Quattro variants of the same year so it's just a case of fitting a drivetrain/shaft? Any insight would be really appreciated. Like I said, I'm just exploring the possibility currently. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Matt
  22. Hi all, I need help. I am looking to do a facelift conversion for my 2009 audi a5 3.0 quattro diesel sportback to a facelift s line look but i am struggling to find the product numbers i need for it. Could anyone help me out with these. I am looking for bonnet, front bumper and lights so any part numbers you have would be great and if i need anything else please let me know 🙂 Thanks
  23. Just had the MOT done and it failed on a Nearside Rear Brake Light and passenger side windscreen wiper failure. The wiper ball joint is worn so it comes off, clipped it back on and changed bulb job done. Had advisories for ball joints not excessive and an advisory for rear sub frame. The car has done 17 thousand miles in the last year I've had the Cam Belts Tension and risers done as well as the water Pump fitted at same time. Alternator Belt and Tensioner replaced HT leads and spark plugs replaced. Front exhaust expansion pipe broke and replaced Rear Sub Frame bolt snapped and repaired (Nearly wrote car off when it happened my heart was in my !Removed!) New Battery 8 Tyres 2 on the front and 6 on the back. The passenger window has failed makes a grinding noise when trying to operate via switch, used to fall down but some lolipop sticks sorted that one Passenger wiper not working The handbrake failed one day and it rolled off and hit a wall small scrape down passenger side Someone drove into it in the car park and left it with a broken front offside indicator Intermittent ABS light Front lamp failure warning lights, rear brake light failure warning light are constantly flashing Stills leaks water on passenger side Still a formidable car in my opinion despite its issues.... Happy Motoring All.
  24. Hi everyone. I've recently purchased an Audi S3 8L with a broken maf (Mass air flow) sensor plug. I've managed to get a replacement plug which however came with different color wiring. I'm urgently looking for anyone out who has an Audi S3 8L to please send me a picture of their maf plug. Car has been out of use for a month now for this tiny issue.... Please can someone assist urgently. Thank you. Drop me an email Yaseen.essa7867@gmail.com
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