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  1. Brake pad light is on, so it’s time to get them changed. Car is a 2015 facelift A6 S line 2.0 front wheel drive. Looking to buy some OE parts but not too sure who makes them, on other forums I came across TRW and ATE, can anyone shed some light on this? Zee
  2. Thanks for the reply Steve, could be, though today started it up, and nothing? Really weird, I will give it some time and see how it goes. Thanks
  3. Has anyone else had this? my C7 2.0 TDI Ultra, whenever sat idle if I don’t drive it and just leave it running, every minute or 2 it does a jerk or one shake.. very noticeable. There is no smoke, no warning lights, and if I drive the car straight after starting it doesn’t do it.. any ideas anyone? It only does it on cold starts, once warmed up it’s absolutely fine.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! Yeah I figured it definitely did need doing, I knocked the price down from the garage I bought it from because of this. I have a mechanic who does a lot of Mercedes and Audi’s in the taxi company I work for who Iv been using for the past 5 years with my previous Passat. He said he will charge me £140 labour, I am planning on getting the required parts including oil and oil filter from TPS local to me in Milton Keynes and using my taxi badge for some discount. The only other thing is working out whether to service the gearbox again as the filter has never been replaced. End of the day it’s going to be used as a taxi so will be pushed hard on some days. Thanks Zee
  5. Hello everyone, after owning two Volkswagen Passat’s in the past, iv decided to go ahead and move onto an Audi A6, new to the brand but thought it was a safe choice for me as I have already owned VAG vehicles before. The car will be used as a private hire taxi, so Iv gone for a 2015 2.0 TDI S line with the S tronic gearbox. I already have a few questions to ask.. This vehicle was an ex lease 1 owner with full audi history however there is no record of the cambelt ever being done, when is it recommended to change this. Audi serviced the gearbox at 109k miles (she is currently on 112k miles), but I can’t see anywhere about them changing the filter, should I look at getting this done asap? Fingers crossed no regrets so far fallen in love with the car, here’s hoping there are trouble free miles ahead! Below are some quick photos, once I get a chance to scrub her up properly and give it a good polish I will show some better ones