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  1. Hi folks, I’d really like to change all my 97 Cabriolet bulbs before the winter comes, but it’s an led mine field out there and I’ve no clue about led bulbs their wattages or fittings. I believe there are bulbs called ‘Canbus’ or ‘fault free’ and that’s about as much as I know. I would change all the bulbs eventually but would like to start with headlight, brake, indicator and reversing lights. Does anyone have any advice they could pass on? Any insight into the world of led bulbs, especially in relation to a 97 cabriolet would be much appreciated.
  2. I recently came across a post by what appeared to be a young lady where she gave great instructions on how to strip down an Audi 80 instrument panel and repair dry solder joints. Not needing the information at the time I glanced at it and moved on. Now I do need the information and can’t find the post. I’m new to the platform but tried all the searches I can think of to no avail. If anyone knows the post I’m thinking of a link would be much appreciated! Turlough
  3. Maybe a bit late with this advice but I’ve had to replace drivers side regulators in a couple of cars and found the easiest way was to message eBay Audi 80 scrapper’s. Turlough
  4. Steve Q, Eureka, mission accomplished, I was able to circulate the number to a few breakers and one of them came back with the part, happy day’s! thanks again for your support! Turlough
  5. Hi Gareth. Yes to all of the above. I contacted the dealer again and they acknowledged they gave the wrong number but were unable to identify the right part on their system, so with the help of google translate I’ve been trawling European sites and eventually found the part number I need, for any poor unfortunate faced with the same problem the part numbers for the rear window slot, outside window seal for an Audi Cabriolet are; Right hand side, 8G0 825 398L Left hand side, 8G0 825 397L I appreciate your help Gareth and now I’ll go and search the internet world, there has to be one out there with my name on it. Cheers Gareth Turlough
  6. Steve Q, thank you u so much for your effort to help me, unfortunately to no avail, those parts are absolutely in the right area and here comes the ‘but’, but they are for the inside of the rear windows and are attached to the inner trim panel. But, and there’s another ‘but’ I could start messaging around the eBay’ers who are scraping 80 cabriolets. Thanks again Steve! 👏 Turlough
  7. Yes Gareth, I did better than that I brought the car to the Audi dealer, they actually said the seal and the chrome trim were one piece which they’re not. Before you suggest I go to another dealer N. Ireland only has 1 dealer but thank you for your insightful suggestion. I can’t buy the part from the dealer because the part is discontinued and ‘Audi Tradition’ won’t sell to this United Kingdom post Brexit, I’ll try eBay.de or eBay.pl. But I need the part number regards Turlough.
  8. Hi everyone, I’m looking for the part number of the drivers side rear window outside rubber seal, the one that sits on the outside of the rear window slot. Doing my head in, I tried my local Audi dealer and they gave me the number of the chrome strip and insisted that was it but it wasn’t, would appreciate help!
  9. Thanks Stevey yep I think it’ll be explore all possible problems one at a time, think I’ll start with the float and the sender first as they are easier to access but if the problem isn’t there I’ll need to take the clocks out and look for the problem there. You know what it’s like I was hoping someone would say ‘yes I know exactly what that problem is, but not so far 😫, not to worry everyday is a learning session 👍🏻
  10. Hi people, I have a 1997 2.8 Cabriolet with an intermittent fuel gauge problem. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all, sometimes it works though isn’t accurate. I’m hearing faulty sender, faulty gauge or faulty solder joints on instrument cluster. Any thoughts that would help me narrow it down?
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