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  1. I was told to make sure that the tyres were the same across each axle and about the same wear. I wanted to replace one on my 2015 S8 and the garage said to change both. The other side didn’t have a massive amount of life left and so I did. Something to do with the tyres having the same radius and not confusing the ABS or something. Don’t quote me on that but there was a reason.
  2. Hi Steve, I’m new too. From Rugby. Audi S8. Very happy so far. Liking your choice too. Of all the cars I’ve had, I’ve never had a cab yet,
  3. Hi anyone, any recommendations for a good outdoor cover for my 2015 S8? There are so many out there. Thanks Will
  4. Hi there, I’m picking up my S8 tomorrow and wondered how I can tell if it has soft close doors. This function didn’t seem to operate when I drove the car and it’s not a deal breaker in any way and the salesman from the non-Audi garage didn’t know. It would be nice to know in case it needs fixing or activating? Thanks for reading.
  5. Hi! Coincidentally I put a deposit down on my Audi on Sunday and so we are both newbies. I must say this is my third Audi though; back in the 80s and 90s I had two Audi 80s and then a long spell with other brands. Hope all goes well for you and good luck.
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