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  1. As the title says I have a seemingly small issue on my A6 (2014 model) gear box. There is a slight noise like a small bang / light tap of metal on metal - sometimes single (ting.) sometimes double report (ting.... Ting). It occurs when the box changes down to 4 from 5 and sometimes it happens in 5 just before coming down to 4 - can be replicated in manual - normal revs - not screaming gear changes 😄. Has been going on for over a year and does not present any physical characteristics (ie Vibration / other continuous noises) Car has just been in for a service at a local VAG specialist (not dealer) and they are honestly not sure what's causing it and cannot give a prognosis. I was hoping that someone in the wide Audi owning community might have come across something similar and could cast some light? My current thinking is keep the car (it's excellent). However if the worst came to the worst, what would be a "ball park" cost to replace the gear box? Are there gearbox specialists in Scotland that are recommended? Cheers
  2. Thanks - it seems to have retracted guess it's thawed - oh well at least I know now!
  3. Does anyone know what the little panel is / does on the front quarter just under the headlight. Mine has popped up - don't want to force it back - what is it? How do I get it back in? have attached a pic
  4. Thanks for the comments - have gone with a 2014 non ad blue A6.
  5. Trying to establish whether the use of Adblue on Audi cars (specifically A6 avant) was stopped. Seems that it does seem to be the source of a good number of problems and if models after a certain date did not use this system, I'd like to restrict my search to those. Thanks for any enlightenment!
  6. Thanks Gareth - - car is 3 hrs away, not from a "proper" dealer so any warranty work is iffy. History seems to tally but my research has suggested that the air suspension repairs can bring tears to a Scotsman's wallet. all in all I think it's best to leave this for another day!
  7. Hi All. Looking at an A6 allroad 2015 with 130k+ miles. I quite like the fact that it's a high miler as I do a relatively small milage so getting a lot of car for the cash.. however I would really appreciate any input on what are the really important service items that should have been done or will be coming due soon. The seller claims a full Audi SH, so I'll be checking this... but personal experience is very welcome! Cheers Rob
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