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A6 gearbox issue Replace / leave be / sell or identify

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As the title says I have a seemingly small issue on my A6 (2014 model) gear box. There is a slight noise like a small bang / light tap of metal on metal - sometimes single (ting.) sometimes double report (ting.... Ting). It occurs when the box changes down to 4 from 5 and  sometimes it happens in 5 just before coming down to 4 - can be replicated in manual - normal revs - not screaming gear changes 😄. Has been going on for over a year and does not present any physical characteristics (ie Vibration / other continuous noises)

Car has just been in for a service at a local VAG specialist (not dealer) and they are honestly not sure what's causing it and cannot give a prognosis. 

I was hoping that  someone in the wide Audi owning community might have come across something similar and could cast some light?

My current thinking is keep the car (it's excellent). However if the worst came to the worst, what would be a "ball park" cost to replace the gear box? Are there gearbox  specialists in Scotland that are recommended?


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I'm assuming it's an s tronic gearbox. They're not cheap to replace or refurb. Second hand ones on eBay are from £1k-2.5k. The main causes for failure is due to the gearbox oil not being changed when it should. Or the module failing. 

For peace of mind you could bite the bullet and get Audi to do a diagnosis. 

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