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  1. Haven't got a dodgy earth cable have you? To me, the overall issue being worse after replacing the battery would suggest a connection issue. Ian
  2. May well have found my issue.. Way dodgy connection on fuse 31! Specifically the right connector. Not too sure how easy that is going to be to replace.. I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's gonna be a ball ache 😠. None the less for that, I've wedged the fuse in for now so there is good contact, while I decide how best to tackle it. Ian
  3. It wouldn't be frozen shut by any chance, would it? Ian
  4. My choice was absolutely based on price! for a couple of reasons. The first of which was because I was in dire need of oil due to a poorly fitted oil filter seal, it dumped a litre in a week with very little mileage! Service book stated an oil change just before I bought it, done by the garage that's owned by the used car dealer.. The sceptical side of me thinks that it may have been done deliberately so I return the vehicle under the three month AA/RAC warranty. With the dealer knowing full well that seals and gaskets aren't covered and so send me the bill! Though previous experience wa
  5. Got a bit of an update.. First off TPS don't sell to regular members of the public! I'm sure I walked in to one of their branches years ago and bought some stuff, but perhaps I didn't. Oh well!.. Got a new brake light switch from the dealer, and was pleasantly surprised that it only cost £17. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I have however unearthed a fault code from the 'Instruments' module... 01315 - Transmission Control Module 004 - No signal/Communication The control module part number is 8E0 920 982 N Would anyone happen to know where this bad boys is located
  6. Hi Peter, I'm using Triple QX Fully Synthetic 0w-30 from EuroCarParts. I don't know how it compares with the leading brands, but I've been using it for years in a variety of cars and I'm not aware that it's done me wrong. I have a 2.0TFSI, so don't know of this will be compatible with yours. Ian
  7. Hi Gareth, All puns gratefully received. Laugh of you cry, right!?.. and thanks for mucking in! I'll give TPS a shout tomorrow. The brake switch I've just taken out is a genuine part although I'm going to hazard a guess and say its not a factory original. It doesn't seem dusty enough to me, although there some slight rubbing marks on top, so who knows 🤔. None the less for that I think I'll go for the same again. Regarding the Park Switch.. is that the same as a neutral safety switch? (Apologies if that is a really daft question, I'm new to the world of automatic gearboxes). To
  8. Hello everyone, I have an issue I hope you can help with.. As the title states I have an intermittent starting issue with my 2007 A4 CVT. Seemingly, without rhyme or reason when turning the key, all the dash lights come on as expected but when I go one step further and try to start the car there is nothing, no dimming of lights, no starter solenoid clicking, nothing! Yet I'll try another time and it will start bang on cue. The battery is good and the grounds are good. I'm getting voltage to the starter motor, although I am yet to test the switch wire. I don't have any fault codes as
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