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  1. I currently drive an A3 2.0 Tdi. I love the torque you get from it But I am thinking with fuel prices about the hybrid. I notice the petrol engine in the hybrid is only a 1400 cc engine so I was wondering what the performance is like if its working on petrol only, given my daily commute can sometime be 150 miles and motorway driving.(though I do approx 18,000 miles overall in a year as some days my commute can be 40 miles depending on where I am based I'd be interested in people's experience And what about handling given the additional weight of batteries
  2. Last night, after hitting a deer, the yellow light of an engine came on the dash. Manual says that it is to show a fault in the emissions system. Question - does the Audi A3 8Y have an Engine Management Light - that glows red if urgent attention is required. I can't find any mention of one in the manual.
  3. It might be an issue with the Audi servers - my 'status' has not updated since yesterday lunchtime - and currently can't connect to the car.
  4. Yes thats correct. I'm just a bit puzzled that the information is so illusive, all the cars that I owned before has this information on their website or on the service book
  5. No I want to know when they are due to be done. Not when they have been done
  6. Sorry - they explained that it's all on line - but what I want to know is when things like the gearbox oil should be changed - service intervals etc.
  7. Is there anywhere I can get hold of a service schedule - for the A3 diesel Auto? It's on a flexible but I want to know when things like the gearbox oil needs changing etc.
  8. I ordered A3 S Line 2.0 TDI DSG - only option is the Driver's Assistance Pack. To track it you need the Audi order number (dealer should give it to you) and then contact Audi CC via Twitter or Facebook
  9. Ordered mine 1 May - got told to expect the car 1 Sept by dealer. Audi have confirmed that it will go into production this week - if so should get it around the start of August (if all goes to plan!)
  10. Given the amount of tech in the Golf, and the fact that they have suffered similar problems - if the Audi is not for you than the Golf might not be for you either!
  11. Anyone know if they are still shipping them with this fault? I've just ordered one for Sept delivery - hope it does not come with the problem then!
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