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  1. My A4 has now been sold on.. the reason why..... When i got the car back from Mr clutch They said we have done all we can for you in replacing the new clutch with another under warranty & replaced the oil seals too & as the car was bought in in limp mode they have put that right too, they were still adamant about the end float on the crankshaft & said this is were your problems lies.. they got a measuring tool & videoed the end float & it was 6m & they could move the whole clutch flywheel in & out by hand & it was clanking i took the video into a garage that does audi.vw cars & showed the mechanic which he said was terrible & never seen anything like that amount of wear, they stopped repairing engines some years previous but said if i took to Audi main dealership they would only replace the engine which would be many thousands but if i could find someone who was capable of just repairing the bottom end that is if it was just the crankshaft & not anything more such as con rods or any other damage it would still cost up to £2000, anyway when i drove the car out of mr clutch it was terrible the clutch was banging on the sandwich plate the clutch was rather unresponsive & had to double the clutch to get the gears & the pedal was very soft. anyway enough is enough & we buy any car bought it as is for £13000, i know it was few 1000 less than the trade in price but i had to take the money & run as they say. my experience with mr clutch was disgusting to be honest & would never ever go to that branch again. I have now got a focus ST which is one year old with tiny mileage & loving it, I do love the audi cars but in the meantime i need to be free of problems. why i had all these problems which included new starter motor,thermostat & water pump, maybe this was all down to me getting the car remapped when i first bought it 3 years previous & the guy did not do the job properly..just a thought. phil
  2. Hi Gareth At last mr clutch is putting the complete new clutch in my audi A4 they said they also had 2 oil seals done in the bellhousing that go to the diff as there was a leak, they have sent me an email stating that the problem is with the crankshaft end float as the starter plate is hitting the sandwich plate , they have sent me 3 videos of this, I would like you to view these so you can see for yourself if you could please, it would be easier to send by email if you are ok with this. regards phil
  3. Thanks steve for the diagrams.. By looking at the yellow marked seal that's what was replaced as its on the left hand side of the gearbox that goes from the bellhousing to the diff he mentioned they replaced another seal too as a matter of course.
  4. Hi Steve, The car is still in the garage with the clutch stripped & they have got a new replacement to fit in, they said the oil was coming from the diff & they took it off & got a local company to fit in 2 seals at mr clutch expense which i was told is £280, i have complained to them several times over this last week or more & they said they are short staffed so i sent a letter to their head office yesterday & got a reply today to say they have had to order a tool to check the crankshaft end float ? & they also said as the car had been remapped this too was contribute to excessive wear to the crankshaft float. god knows whats happening next, I just hope they ask me for them to repair the problem as im at my wits end now, im in the rac & considering having the car removed & taken to an audi garage instead.
  5. To be honest im totally baffled what the guy showed me in the garage, he put a bar behind the front pulley & it moved out a bit then he pushed it back & on the car ramp i was underneath the car viewing the shaft moving back & forth as small amount on acceleration, the garage guy said you should barely see any movement,I always thought there should be some movement, the car has only done 52000 carefull driving miles the audi tech guy & also the rac guy said if there was a problem you would hear engine noise on tick over & revving up & there is no noise the noise is when the clutch pedal is pressed down & up again like a metallic sound.
  6. Hi Gareth This clutch saga drags on... I got the Audi back from mr clutch with what i think is a hefty bill £2.300, it seems they used parts from TPS, i phoned TPS & got it out of them he trade price which is 4 figs..ouch, when i drove away from the garage the vibration was still there & it was noisy dipping the clutch like a metallic sound & could smell gear oil, i got it to my works & phoned the RAC & when the guy came out he listened to the clutch & said its probably not fitted correctly & mentioning the Crankshaft play he dismissed this & said if it was bearings going it would be noisy & its ticking over sweet & must take the car back to them which i did & the guy put it up on ramp & said that its probably not the clutch but its 99% certain its the crank as there is 6m play & when in gear you can see the pully on the front go in & out he said it should be no more than 3m, I had to take the car away & got home next day the clutch was slipping under acceleration & still had the strong gear oil smell & then it went into limp mode I got it to Audi & as i know one of the staff he got a tech out to listen & said the crank shaft do not wear i said that it has 6m play but he did not check just listened & said its clutch installation is the problem, they printed out a diagnosis report & the was a catalogue of errors showing he said that in fitting they have done something wrong & must take it back to mr clutch which i did, the car has been with them since last week & they said they will strip it out & put another new complete clutch in, i went there today & was told all the new clutch has arrived except a gearbox bearing where there was a small leak which i said so the oil has got on the clutch plate & he said no its dry, they need the car for 2/3 more days, but was unsure why it went into limp mode but will put it on their computer & set it back up, the guy said to me when its done if there are any scraping metallic problems then its the crankshaft moving from back to front, personally im dreading when i pick it up.
  7. Hi Gareth The car was stripped at that garage & i went to inspect the pulled out clutch I just turned up without telling them & the guy showed me the problem it was the Duel mass flywheel he showed me it rocked from side to side when pressing down each side & said this was the cause of the shuddering the bearing was ok as well as the clutch but said we would advise to change the lot as a matter of course which i agreed, the dual mass flywheel came from vw direct as he could not get one off shelve he said they are expensive approx £1600 complete + vat & fitting I did go away & ask at jayar parts & they said only get that part from TPS & yes about right price so they said, the car was done & i went to collect this morning the guy said there is a lot of wear on the crankshaft so you may find it still might not be right as you will get shudder on the pedal etc, i was bit put out what he was saying anyway I drove the car to my works & it was just the same as when i took it in if not worse, tick over is fine but on acceleration standing still its not right sounds bit bit lumpy & touching the clutch pedal theres much vibration when i depress the clutch it does sound better with less judder i emailed there office & they responded straight away & want me to take it back in the morning, what are your thoughts please regards phil
  8. On my Avant A4 2.0 2016 with 51.000 miles recorded the clutch pedal while resting my foot on it i can feel a vibration & dipping the clutch & holding down there is a judder & when i was in a stationary position I could hear a light metallic sound this has just started yesterday & today seems worse, the clutch is fine & pulls without any problems, im thinking of popping im the clutch centre (mr clutch) in the morning, any help before i do would be helpful
  9. i took my avant 2.0 tfsi 2016 into audi in ayleford maidstone kent on the 24th august which was booked in 4 weeks previous as i needed a loan car, this was in for a water loss check & a starter motor problem the garage contacted me at a later dare to say that it needed a new starter motor & the water leak was coming from the thermostat housing & a new water pump was needed i also wanted a service done as this was due now, they still have the car after 3 weeks & told me 3 days ago they have just got the new parts in & will let me know when all is completed, the total cost is £2.270, this seems crazy, they originally told me as the water leak was spotted when the car was last serviced 12 months ago but back then i found no loss of water, no topping up was needed the car then was still on an extended warranty but the service person did not mention this to me, the garage person who im dealing with now said that because the fault was mentioned to me the audi garage will help with the bill & my bill will be minimal, i have now had an update few days ago that they will not now help with the bill as the car has been remapped, im at a loose end now & any help from you guys is much appreciated. regards philip
  10. On the dash it shows....start/stop system fault function unavailable please contact workshop..this goes out when car starts but the warning sign stays on & there is a symbol at the top of a car with an arrow
  11. Hi guys, i own an audi A4 avant 2016 model manual/petrol which i bought 2 years ago & very pleased with the car but just over a week ago i went to start the car & only got a a light whooshing sound from the starter motor area i had to try many times to get the car to start which it did after many attempts, some times it starts ok & does not make any difference if its hot or cold, thus morning when i tried to start the car again a whooshing sound then a high pitched screech then it started, i got the rac guy out & he plugged in his computer & it showed possible starter motor fault, he started the car ok which he done many times, i contacted my local audi garage & they said they can look at in but earliest will be early september but if you get it bought in by the rac they will look at it within 72 hours, ive tried local garages but most say fully booked for 2 weeks or more or they wont touch it, i went into euro car parts & they said they can get a starter for £154 which seems a low price as few other dealer sites the starter is over £400. Im at a loose end here in which way to proceed, any help please
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