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  1. Hello Trevor, I'll certainly offer up a few words in the manner you suggested, although it might take a tad or two to cover it all. Insofar as offering a review of the Audi is concerned, well, I might have to get " 'er indoors " to do that since I bought it for her to replace her V8 BMW X5 when that got nicked. The Beamer was a cracker of a car, very fast and very stylish, but its petrol consumption was fearful - it even made the Bentleys thirst for petrol seem like a Duchess sipping Earl Grey at a Bishops tea party. The one specific comment I will make about the S4 though, is that it has vastly increased my !Removed! life ! After going out for a drive in it the wife comes home with a sparkle in her eye and a glow on her cheeks . By Jiminy, I'm then frequently dragged upstairs by the scruff of my neck with nary a moment to park my Montecristo. I tell you, amigo, when I hear that V8 turn up the drive I now go and hide in the potting shed ! Luckily, the dogs know when she's about three villages away since they can hear a finely tuned engine approaching from about five miles away ; so when they start kicking off I generally pick up the whisky decanter and make a bolt for the Petunia patch and some awesome jeep ball joints here. The latest holiday venue we are considering are the Italian Lakes ; can they not be accessed via the Stelvio Pass ? Weatherwise the Lakes don't compare too well with the Cote d'Azure ( hardly surprising really, given their proximity to the mountains ) , so it is by no means a foregone conclusion even yet as to where we'll go. Ciao. Thanks for these suggestions I really liked it.
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