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  1. No idea TBH, i wondered if it was to do with google maps not working now..
  2. Hi, Is there a reason why the last part of the google logo is greyed out?
  3. Glad you got it sorted 👍
  4. Hiya, This is a known issue, I think I have read on a different forum that it's the motorised flaps. Sorry it's not much help.
  5. I was expecting the wheels to look lost in the arches, but looks fine! May I ask where you got the wheels from?
  6. Ah,damn, I did wonder after I had posted whether you'd only got a driver's lock. At the risk of replying with another obvious/daft suggestion, do you have aa/rac? They might be able to get the bonnet open for you so you can charge the battery.
  7. Have you tried all the doors and boot with the key? I'm surprised the key won't unlock the door, even with a dead battery.
  8. Exactly your speedo will read slower than than actual According to the screen grab, the overall diameter is 0.7" larger, so 0.7/2*25.4=8.9mm larger radius and 8.9mm closer to your wheel arch, not a lot really.
  9. If you search the part number of the wheels, you will find the bore/offset etc. any part which starts with 4G is for the audi a6 c7, i believe. If it was me wanting 17s, i think i would be looking for some alloys, there are two or three styles, i think, there are audi winter ones, which are the german ones which are 7.5J and then there are uk spec (SE?) wheels which are 8J, but i think your tyres would be ok on them, id do some research first but its not a big increase in width. There are companies who make/sell steel wheels but as to price, might be more cost effective just to get some second hand alloys. your call on that one though 🙂 Below is the size comparison, as Audi recommend them as i am sure you know, they will be within tolerance, even if not, all it does is alter your speedo reading, but if you are aware of this its ok... Re the widths, it does seem to be received wisdom that thinner with taller tyres is the way to go.
  10. Sorry, I skim read and missed the part which said you had some tyres already. Have a look on ebay for the wheels, if you search "a6 winter wheels" there will be adverts pop up from German sellers that will ship to the uk. It's law to fit winters in Germany so there are lots in Germany. I've seen quite a few o. e wheels recently. There's an example below. There are a few styles, most will have tyres so it will be a case of looking for ones with not much tread that will be cheaper. You will find a UK seller but there are just a lot more available in Germany so if you them quickly Tyra will be your best bet. If you want new, then audi will sell you some, they had them in the showroom when I had my car serviced a couple of weeks ago. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/194485511286?fits=Car+Make%3AAudi|Model%3AA6+Allroad&hash=item2d483d6476:g:YMAAAOSwq3RhgSdw&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACYPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSd3M8ngECaRA0SmyU4KT%2FnomKR%2Bekfv00jipkJOU6R0H0IHwdw9uEIHN8zgy9CTJ0pADp0H9n17gAxhbVKBrfv6U%2FXJEwQMdsyIp86uJLQIfIhFh9iUxW%2BE%2Bhz8m5EY%2BvpqTtWdw3LYgHlAzFMxEKQWm5AO68UUdBjDA%2FT8MXNHc5pCFvmgdCEx1FHJ5bYO6yN4X4yegz1Uj0jJp85jtA%2BzpcMrALWOftgN7utid0dtOt4ST%2BSwYDzh45dDDtla1YDKiG%2FicklpxQlcZdYXCOtqmW06Dm9AgvXpl7a3RdGqZ88DUmKUT3aY2sOcKKbi1YJAL1wT%2Bvm9x8%2FYMN1Kg%2BXJvWq70wjMAdZw5Y5gx5G5W6EUc04MWgJvVKHslXUL16tN%2B0ttAA5EVvurIYDOwzP1d6pkKrh5RZ1rVhRF2aXbrLkfN5UzrNAFcAF8tpi%2BfXJ7P8gLDqe4pDuF1HhELo3U1DFdnjKiRWHaDwkK42CXv1y6EYWZm3wZWvPsJXy6yihDB7SWwsA1WRcuqmiZwhqwUk7nNpYVe8YX7ubtOSZRQyJZ14tncRPzPA2CcKO78tdmEdd3vkK0WDqYg8nJxK%2FJS6G5SQdEJcDWSovbWAjcdv21ERz01QoK6xFylyrbAAt6mEt%2F8X7Dii24uWHiuP0qIvcCzJEE0ihy1QIjpbZbO7fgeN2NVmAY45OliC4IurYkIheefU%2F52ZdGYjvF%2FdaWzaVbl12kY2mtFG3ONm5kDgubhFfygILN5saPhjx6kN|clp%3A2334524|tkp%3ABk9SR6r3y4uhXw Edit: I've just noticed you said steel wheels, 🙄, I think I need a coffee to wake up ☕🤣 There are lots of 17" alloy wheels on ebay in the uk with summer tyres on, might be worth looking at those and swapping tyres as they aren't expensive.
  11. https://tiresize.com/comparison/ That's a good website for checking your maths. Have a check on this but IIRC that there was a BITDI SE that did come with 17" wheels, you could look into those wheels as i guess if they fit a BITDI then they will fit your car. I have an 3.0 272 allroad with 255/40R20 tyres and I'm looking into winter wheels too, have you looked in your manual? I think although 17" will fit my car i think 18" wheels with 235/55R18s are recommended for my car.
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